BEAST Takes Home 10th Trophy for “Good Luck” on Inkigayo + Comebacks from Henry, NU’EST, and Seo Young Eun

This week on SBS’ “Inkigayo,” it was BEAST vs g.o.d vs Younha for first place. BEAST’s “Good Luck” and g.o.d “Sky Blue Promise” and Younha’s “Umbrella” competed against each other for no.1, with BEAST winning. Congrats, BEAST! This is their 10th win with the song “Good Luck” and 11th win for the entire album, including one win for their pre-release track, “No More.”

“Inkigayo” also provided comeback stages for Henry (“Fantastic“), Seo Young Eun (“Chisa Chisa Chisa“), and NU’EST (“Good Bye Bye“).

The complete list of performers include Taeyang, BEAST, f(x), Henry, Hyomin, K.Will, GOT7, C-Clown, Seo Young Eun, 100%, HISTORY, Z.Hera, NU’EST, N-Sonic, DickPunks, B.I.G, Tahiti, LU:KUS, Airplane, and Wings. Younha and g.o.d are not promoting their somgs on TV.

Performances will be updated as made available.

BEAST winning no.1- Lee Kikwang thanked everyone for giving them this win on the last day of their “Good Luck” promotions.

BEAST “Good Luck”

Taeyang “Eyes, Nose, Lips”

f(x) “Red Light” 

Henry “Fantastic”

Hyomin “Nice Body”

K.Will “Day 1”

GOT7 “A”

C-Clown “Meet Me”

Seo Young Eun “Chisa Chisa Chisa”

100% “U Pretty”

HISTORY “Psycho”

Z.Hera “D Island”

NU’EST “Good Bye Bye”

N-Sonic “Pop Beyond”

DickPunks and 4Minute’s Jiyoon “Soulmate”

B.I.G “Hello” 

Tahiti “Oppa Is Mine”

LU:KUS “So Into You”

Airplane “Back to the Future”

Wings “Blossom”

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