Rapper Swings Is An English Major At Sungkyunkwan University

Rapper Swings revealed that he was accepted into the English program at Sungkyunkwan University.

In this week’s episode of MBC’s variety show, “Radio Star,” actors, Lee Dong Joon, Lee Jae Yoon, chef Raymond Kim and rapper, Swings appeared for the “Fist of Legends 2” special.

For this episode, MC Kim Gu Ra asked Swings, “Do you have a criminal record?” Swings answered with, “I don’t. I was on probation twice but I don’t have a criminal record.”

Kim Gu Ra continued the conversation by complimenting Swings for his academics. He said, “Swings studied really well that he’s attending Sungkyunkwan University’s English program.” However, Swings revealed that, “I wasn’t accepted for the typical English skills but as a fluent English speaker,” and explained that he lived in Atlanta.

After Swings’ explanation, Kim Gu Ra showed his disappointment by saying, “No wonder.” MC Yoon Jong Shin on the other hand, was surprised and said, “Swings got a score of 970 on the TOEIC exam.”

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