Top 10 K-Celebs with the Most Weibo Followers

From Twitter to Instagram that are more than a few social networking sites (SNS) available to stay connected in the digital age. Celebrities are also using SNS  to reach out and update their loyal fans. With this new generation of SNS savvy celebrities, it is rare to find a Korean celebrity who doesn’t have some sort of SNS they use to connect with their fans. 

While a large Twitter or Facebook following may indicate great international popularity, in China, a market that has become both desirable and profitable for Korean celebrities, Weibo is the representative SNS. Called the “Twitter of China,” a large Weibo following can be the number proof on how well a Korean celebrity is doing in China.

News source MBN recently put together a list of the top 10 Korean celebrities with the most Weibo followers. Think you can guess who is at number 1? It may surprise you. 

10.  Lee Da Hae with 5.5 Million 

Lee Da Hae is a Korean actress is quite favored by Chinese fans. In 2011 she event went on a popular Chinese variety show, without an interpreter. Her Weibo also shows how much she cares about her fans in China; she regularly updates with photos from her work and her everyday doings. 


9. Park Shin Hye with 6.45 Million

Park Shin Hye won the hearts of fans all over the world with roles in dramas such as “You’re Beautiful” and “The Heirs.” She is very active in China with fan meetings and advertisements.

Park Shin Hye main

8. Kim Soo Hyun with 7.51 Million

Do Min Joon! Kim Soo Hyun was already popular with dramas like “Moon that Embraces the Sun” and “Dream High,” but his popular exploded all over the world with “Man from the Stars.” Kim Soo Hyun is also quite active in China and focused most of his promotions over there after his drama ended. 


7. Jung Il Woo with 9.37 Million

Fans from China (and elsewhere) are very excited for Jung Il Woo’s upcoming drama “The Night Watchmen.” Jung Il Woo is also pretty considerate of his fans, regularly updating his Weibo with handsome and adorable selcas.

jung il woo bazaar

6. Super Junior‘s Choi Siwon with 13.1 Million 

We now go jump up to the tens of millions with Super Junior’s charismatic visual, Choi Siwon. The idol and actor also has an impressive number of Twitter followers. The Super Junior-M member not only performs with his mandarin speaking group, but also writes in Chinese to talk to his fans.

Super Junior, Siwon

5. f(x)‘s Victoria with 13.24 Million

Victoria is the only non ethnic Korean on this list, but as a member of the K-Pop group f(x), she makes it onto the list. Whether acting in Chinese dramas or promoting with the other f(x) members, Victoria actively updates her fans with not only her own photos but shout outs to her other members’ promotions.

fx victoria 5

4.  Lee Jun Ki with 13.32 Million

Lee Jun Ki is very good to his Chinese fans and updates his Weibo with goofy photos and updates about what it’s like on set. He is currently in the drama “The Joseon Gunman” and during it has shared photos of the good time that he is having with the other cast members.


3. Jang Geun Suk with 17.79 Million

He isn’t called “Asia’s Prince” for nothing. Jang Geun Suk’s popularity is tremendous in Korea, Japan, and China. The actor also sings, particularly for his fans, and is currently promoting his project group, Team H.

jang geun suk 

2. Lee Min Ho with 22.96 Million

No surprise here, “The Heirs” actor is number two, despite not being very active on Weibo. However, Lee Min Ho does take time to promote in China and can been seen as a model for various types of commercials. He is currently one of the most sought after actors in China. 
Lee Min Ho, Yadea Bike

1. PSY with 24.50 Million

He really is the world’s OPPA. Beating out top actors for this number one spot, PSY proved that he won over the world with his smash hit “Gangnam Style.” He most recently released a collaboration single with American rapper Snoop Dog. 
psy happening

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