Actor Lee Jong Suk Updates Fans with Playful Photos

Actor, Lee Jong Suk, recently updated his fans as to what he’s been up to with photos and a message.

On August 8, Lee Jong Suk uploaded two photos of him on his Weibo account and wrote a message that said, “How have you been? For a whole month, I’ve lost my sense of direction and been wandering around. Just like they’ve told me, I’ve been blooming, as I’m being shaken..umm!! I’m growing today as well!!”

In the photos that the actor revealed, it seems like he took them at a sidewalk that had a foreign atmosphere. Lee Jong Suk is wearing his hat backwards with a comfortable outfit. The “V” poses he made with his hands and his bright smile makes him look relaxed.

Meanwhile, Lee Jong Suk appeared in SBS’s drama, “Doctor Stranger,” which recently ended. He played the role of Park Hoon, the genius doctor, and he’s currently look over his next work.

lee jong suk_weibo (2)