Song Hye Gyo and Kang Dong Won on Wearing School Uniforms Again in “My Brilliant Life”

Actress Song Hye Gyo and actor Kang Dong Won revealed their thoughts about wearing school uniforms in the upcoming film “My Brilliant Life” (aka “My Palpitating Life”)

On August 21, a press conference was held in Seoul for the film, and director Lee Jae Yong, actors Kang Dong Won, Song Hye Gyo, Jo Sung Mok, and Baek Il Sub were in attendance.

“My Brilliant Life” is about a young, married couple who gave birth to a baby boy when they were 17-years-old. However, their son, Areum, was born with progeria (Hutchinson-Gilford progeria syndrome), a rare genetic condition that causes rapid premature aging. Song Hye Gyo plays the role of Areum’s mother, Mira, and Kang Dong Won plays the role of the father, Dae Soo. The film goes back and forth between their time as teenagers and the present.

Although the two actors are in their 30’s, they didn’t look awkward when they were wearing uniforms. On this, Song Hye Gyo said, “Since I had to film wearing a uniform, I had to smile brightly, but the wrinkles on our faces showed, so we were embarrassed. I thought, maybe I shouldn’t wear uniforms from now on.”

However, Kang Dong Won seemed to have enjoyed it, saying, “Personally, it wasn’t up to the point where I was embarrassed. I think I looked good and Song Hye Gyo looked good in it as well, but it felt like this would be the last time [wearing a school uniform] so I had fun filming with it on. Personally, I liked it since it’s been a while since I’ve worn a uniform.”

“My Brilliant Life” is based on the original novel written by Kim Ae Ran. The film will be released on September 3.