Actress Lee Da Hee Talks about Her Acting Career and Her Beauty Secrets in Sure Magazine

Fashion magazine Sure worked with actress Lee Da Hee, who is currently looking over her next project while recharging. On August 25, Sure magazine released the beauty pictorial as well as the interview that took place.

The theme for this photo shoot was the color black and smokey eye make-up, and for this photo shoot, the actress posed with a variety of expressions, as if she was acting. With a perfect body line like that of a professional model, she received compliments from the staff on set.

After the photo shoot, Sure sat down with the actress and was informed that through the projects she worked on so far, she was able to grow as an actress.

“The drama that helped get my name out there was ‘I Hear Your Voice.’ Honestly, it was the first professional role that I was assigned so I was really nervous. The director suggested that I come out strong during the beginning of the drama but it was hard. I worked really hard. There were times when I cried at home and it was up to the point where my mother started to pity me.”

Even during those complicated times, the actress thought of only one thing. “I focused on acting alone so that the viewers wouldn’t feel uncomfortable. I told myself, ‘Let’s not cause any damage to the drama. Although I’ve heard that I wasn’t pretty, let’s not hear people say that I’m not good at acting.’ The next drama that I acted in was ‘Secret Love,’ and for this, making a character as the story progressed was fun. Not only the acting, but with the costume and make-up, when everything came together, I felt that my character was being created. The role of So Mira in ‘Big Man’ was the first lead role that I was assigned and I was able to become close with the seniors, so it was nice.”

Towards the end of the interview, Lee Da Hee revealed some of her beauty secrets. “In order to make your skin look pretty, even on television, you need to be diligent in your basic skincare before putting on foundation. If you have dead skin bumps on your face, then your make-up doesn’t look as good. While filming, because of the lights, my skin becomes dry really fast so I spray mist on a latex puff and fix my make-up by tapping it on my skin. The moisturizing glow can be seen right away.”

Details on the Lee Da Hee’s recommended cosmetics and perfume, and her beauty secrets will be included in the September issue of Sure magazine.
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