Kang Dong Won Opens Up about His Family and His Reaction to Popularity

Actor Kang Dong Won recently revealed his ideal family.

On August 25, the actor appeared on MBC Radio FM4U’s “Park Kyung Lim’s Two o’clock Date.” It’s the first radio show he has appeared in since his debut.

Regarding his role as a father in his upcoming film, “My Brilliant Life,” he said, “I didn’t worry too much about it.”

After hearing this, DJ Park Kyung Lim asked about Kang Dong Won’s father and he answered with, “He was an ordinary office worker and he was a good father to his son. He was a family man and my mother was the same.”

Continuing, Kang Dong Won revealed the future he pictured by saying, “Unlike my parents, I haven’t thought in-depth about my future family, but when I think about it for a brief moment, I would like it if it was a really warm family. If a family is created, I think I would rely on them a lot. I’m the type that thinks work and family are the most important things.”

Next, the actor revealed that he was good at studying when he was a student.

Park Kyung Lim read a listener’s story, who revealed that he was Kang Dong Won’s classmate. In the story, the listener confirmed, “Kang Don Won was good-looking and was good at studying.”

Regarding this, Kang Dong Won honestly said, “During middle school, I was good at studying.” Park Kyung Lim then asked, “What was your highest rank?” and he answered indirectly, “I haven’t gotten first place in the school wide rank.”

Then, Park Kyung Lim admired him by asking, “Am I’m talking to the one who got second place in the school wide rank?”

Afterwards, DJ Park Kyung Lim talked about“Temptations of Wolves,” the movie that shot Kang Dong won to stardom. She said, “It’s not an exaggeration when you say that ‘Temptation of Wolves’ was the film that made Kang Dong Won known. Everyone was in an uproar when you appeared from under the umbrella.” Watch the umbrella scene below.

Kang Dong Won revealed his thoughts about the film by saying, “When I think about it now, it would’ve been nice if I could have seen that scene in the theater, secretly. However, at that time, I thought to myself, ‘Don’t get caught up in it, it won’t last long. It’s only for a moment.”

Continuing, he said, “When I see a lot of people in a movie theater, rather than feeling good, I feel kind of empty. I wonder, from the people who already like me, how much more will they like me?”

Meanwhile, “My Brilliant Life” will be released on September 3. Kang Dong Won will be appearing with actress Song Hye Kyo, who plays his wife in the film.

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