Actress Lee Jung Hyun Picks Tao as Her Favorite EXO Member

Seems like EXO‘s popularity have reached everybody, even actress Lee Jung Hyun who admitted that she has taken a liking to the famous boy group.

On the KBS2 “Entertainment Relay,” the “Roaring Currents” actress was asked who would she want to pose for a magazine photo shoot with and she responded that she would want to model with EXO. She explained that it’s because the group is receiving a lot of love and popularity that made her notice the boy group. When asked who she liked the most in the group, she replied that she liked Chinese member Tao.

Meanwhile, Lee Jung Hyun also expressed her happiness when the topic of her movie “Roaring Currents” recently breaking box-office records to become the highest grossing movie in Korea was mentioned. The actress also showed her gratitude to everybody who supported and watched the movie as well.