Kim Woo Bin Surprises and Makes Lee Jong Suk Tear Up at His Fanmeet

Friendship transcends time and busy schedules, and it seems like actors Lee Jong Suk and Kim Woo Bin‘s friendship did just that.

Lee Jong Suk held a fanmeet yesterday, September 14, in Seoul and former “School 2013” co-actor and same-aged friend Kim Woo Bin decided to surprise him and came out as a guest for the special event. Lee Jong Suk was surprised and overwhelmed that his good friend came for his birthday held on the same day that he shed tears when he saw him.

The two also shared a hug, and Lee Jong Suk mentioned that because of their busy schedules, they have not had the chance to meet lately, and so he was very touched that Kim Woo Bin found the time to come to his fanmeet.

Meanwhile, September was also Lee Jong Suk’s birthday and fans all over the world celebrated by giving very memorable gifts to the actor. Read more about it here.

Lee jong suk fan meeting