Woman Crush Wednesday: November’s Mystery Reveal

If you’re also a fan of our weekly Man Crush Monday articles, then you probably already know what’s in store this week for Woman Crush Wednesday. It’s called our monthly Mystery Reveal, where the featured woman crush of the week is selected from Soompier nominations. These nominations were found in the comment section from the three previous Woman Crush Wednesday articles featuring Geum Jan Di from “Boys Over Flowers,” Go Eun Chan from “Coffee Prince,” and Kim Pil Suk from “Dream High.”

I wrote down each nomination I found on a piece of paper, tossed them into a tin can that once held my tea leaves, shook it around like a crazy person, and drew out the name of our mystery lady at random. Repeated nominations are acceptable, so some nominations had a slightly higher possibility of being selected, especially since we received fewer nominations for the ladies than we did for the gentlemen. Maybe we can get a bit more of lady love for December?

WCW_MysteryReveal_Kim Mi Young

The curiosity is burning, isn’t it? How excited and anxious are you to see which name is drawn? I thought about stalling the reveal for a couple more paragraphs, but I’ll be nice today! At last, our first Woman Crush Wednesday’s Mystery Reveal for November is…

WCW_Kim Mi Young_1

Kim Mi Young from “Fated to Love You!” Wow! This week has been full of surprises and the word “fate” has come to mind so many times. If I thought it was coincidental that I drew Song Jae Rim‘s name for Man Crush Monday’s Mystery Reveal, then Jang Nara‘s Kim Mi Young is truly something else. Just last night, I had mentioned Jang Nara and Jang Hyuk in my recap of “Old Goodbye,” discussing how they made me contemplate the different aspects of fate. But, this drama is definitely one of my top favorites and it probably showed in a few of my past articles, but here I am again, fated to gush about such a lovely woman.

Let’s take a look at the five reasons why Kim Mi Young is so crush-worthy (spoilers ahead):

1. She makes a great mother.

WCW_Kim Mi Young_2

Kim Mi Young unexpectedly became a mother, but she’s such a natural, you never would have known it was a surprise. Her love for her fetus, named Gae Ddong, is the pure and wholesome love that some can only hope their mothers give to them. Once she knew about her baby and once she, along with Lee Gun, the father, made the decision to keep Gae Ddong, it became her top priority. To be healthy, to be careful, to safely bring him/her into the world, and to be a good mother. In order to give her baby a complete family, she married Lee Gun, who was, at the time, still a stranger to her.

It was an unfortunate accident that caused Gae Ddong to leave just a few months later, but Kim Mi Young carried her first child in her heart forever and the pain she went through was unbearable. When she finally got her happily ever after, she was lucky enough to be blessed with twins!

2. Kim Mi Young is a warm person.

WCW_Kim Mi Young_5

She’s one of the most kindhearted people you’ll ever meet. She can sympathize with anyone and always chips in to help, even if it inconveniences herself. Many take her for granted and even more simply toss her aside when they don’t need her, but Kim Mi Young is a true gem and the rarest of diamonds. She can heal your wounds by simply being herself because she’s patient and kind. She never betrays or lies with ill intent and although she’s more often than not soft-spoken, that doesn’t mean she won’t stick up for herself when she reaches her breaking point. She’s the kind of person to cherish, even if her worth isn’t seen right off the bat. But then again… the best things in life aren’t so easily found to begin with, so it ends up making perfect sense!

3. She is easily satisfied.

WCW_Kim Mi Young_7

Kim Mi Young is not a greedy person. Her happiness is simple and it’s easy to make her heart soar with joy and satisfaction. She doesn’t care about money or material things. It’s all about what’s in the heart. If you can show your sincerity for her, then it’s the greatest gift you can ever give her. Kim Mi Young never asks for more and, in fact, thinks she’s in the wrong for simply wanting to stay by Lee Gun’s side because of her feelings for him, even when he gave his love to her of his own free will. She’s happiest when she gets to see the people she loves, when she gets to spend time with them, when her loved ones are happy, and when she’s drawing. It’s hard to find someone so amazingly simple.

4. Kim Mi Young is an amazing artist with a great purpose.

WCW_Kim Mi Young_3

If you’re into art, then Kim Mi Young might be the one for you! Her three-year trip to Paris molded her to become a famous artist. Professionally, she goes by the name of Ellie Kim, but her heart is still all Kim Mi Young. Her artwork isn’t entirely random though and that’s the amazing thing about her. She doesn’t settle for anything less than fabulous. Because Kim Mi Young healed through art, she hopes that her artwork can allow other sick and hurt women to smile happily. She likes drawing happy and confident women who are loved because it can empower those who feel helpless and lost. What a great message hidden on a beautiful canvas!

5. She will never make you doubt her love.

WCW_Kim Mi Young_4

When Kim Mi Young loves, she loves thoroughly. This applies to her family, her friends, and the man she wants to spend the rest of her life with. No matter what difficulties may come, be it health issues or other problems, she will be by your side because she loves you. She does her utmost best to help, to support, to cheer on those that she loves and she perseveres. Kim Mi Young is a firm believer that anything is possible if there is someone by your side to prevent you from feeling lonely. Even if you push her away, thinking it would be better for her in the long run, like Lee Gun did, Kim Mi Young will insist on staying if she knows your feelings are there and true. However, if you truly feel nothing for her, she is not a pest and will leave you as requested. But with such an amazing, beautiful person like Kim Mi Young, how is it possible to not love her?

Bonus Reason

WCW_Kim Mi Young_6

Kim Mi Young’s smile and laughter is so innocently fresh and uplifting, that even if you were in a bad mood, one look at her happy face and you’ll be right there, smiling with her. That’s the effect she has on people.

Do you adore Kim Mi Young? Was there another reason not mentioned that made you fall for her? Who would you like to see next on Woman Crush Wednesday’s Mystery Reveal? Let us know your thoughts in the comments! Until next time, folks!

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