Park Shin Hye’s and Lee Jong Suk’s Lips Are Just a Slice of Toast Apart in New “Pinocchio” Stills

New preview stills for episode four of the Wednesday-Thursday SBS drama, “Pinocchio,” has been released.

The show leads, Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Suk, close together, looking like a married couple seeing each other off for work in the morning. In one picture, only a slice of toast separates their lips, and in another, Park Shin Hye is fixing up Lee Jong Suk’s tie.

Meanwhile, episode three of “Pinocchio,” which aired last night, showed their characters deciding to become journalists together, and it looks like for episode four, we get to see how they will come to fulfill that dream.

A representative of the drama stated, “Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Suk are showing the best chemistry together whether the camera is on or off. During standby, you could hear their continuous laughter, and this happy relationship is also showing on screen.”

“Pinocchio” tells the story of a man who lives under a false name and a woman who can’t lie. It is from the director and writer team that brought you  the hit “I Hear Your Voice.”

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