14 of the Sexiest Actors Over 30

It’s a well-known fact that there is an endless list of hotties in the K-Pop business. However, what about the film and TV industry? Popular young actors like Lee Min Ho and Kim Hyun Joong may be the most famous faces of K-Dramas among international audiences, but there is no lack of experienced, more mature actors in Korea that make fans swoon with their gorgeous, good-looks. Though many handsome actors could be included on this list, here are 14 of the sexiest actors in Korea over the age of 30.

Rain is one of the most well-known faces in modern Hallyu culture. A popular singer since the very beginning of his career, he has also become a respected actor both in Korea and in Hollywood. His super hot body and sexy dances are only a few reason why fans go crazy for this 32-year-old hottie. You can check him out in the new drama, “My Lovely Girl.”

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Ji Sung is most well-known for dramas like “Protect the Boss” and “Secret Love.” The tall, handsome actor broke hearts of many fans when he was married in 2013. The 37-year-old met his wife, a fellow actress, on the set of “Save the Last Dance for Me.” His beautiful eyes and flawless skin are part of what makes this actor so sexy.


In my opinion, Daniel Henney is one of the most gorgeous people on the entire planet. With his TV debut in the drama My Lovely Samsoon,” the breathtakingly beautiful 34-year-old left a lasting impression in the hearts of Korean fans. With his piercing gaze and gorgeous bone structure, it should come as no surprise that the Korean-American actor is a model as well.

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Just a few years after his debut with Shinhwa, gorgeous star Kim Dong Wan made his acting debut. At one point, he was quoted as saying he would prefer a career in acting rather than as a singer. It wouldn’t have been a bad career choice for the star, since he has won multiple awards for his roles in dramas. Check out his heartwarming and charming role in his 2012 drama, “Cheer Up, Mr. Kim!”


Though he already enjoyed success as an actor in Korea, Won Bin first sprang to worldwide popularity in the drama, “Autumn in My Heart” in the year 2000. The 37-year-old actor’s baby face and classic good looks have made him a fan favorite since the early days of his debut.


If you haven’t yet seen the hit drama, Fated to Love You,” you should go and watch it right now! Apart from the brilliant, bittersweet story line, another reason to watch the drama is for the performance of the drop-dead gorgeous actor Jang Hyuk. Although married, the sexy 37-year-old shows he still has what it takes to be a heartthrob.

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I first fell in love with Lee Dong Wook when I saw him in the drama, “My Girl.” Now, at 33 years of age, he has proven the old saying that some things just get better with age! His beautiful jawline and big eyes have appealed to many fans over the years, but his acting skills have helped prove that he’s not just famous for his pretty face. Unknown to a lot of newer K-drama fans, people can check him out in his most recent drama, “Blade Man.”

Ricky Kim, you beautiful work of art! I consider it a privilege to have looked at so many pictures in order to find one I thought totally showed off your insanely perfect appearance. Despite the fact that the 33-year-old is married with kids, whenever I see him, I just want to look up at the sky, give a thumbs up and say, “Well done, God!” You can see the Korean-American actor in dramas like “I Need Romance.”


If you haven’t seen the classic K-Drama “Secret Garden,” chances are you have been living under a rock. Starring the ever adorable Hyun Bin, the drama continues to be one of everyone’s favorites. Though the drama was excellent on it’s own, it’s popularity was certainly helped by the acting ability of this gorgeous 32-year-old.



If you don’t know who this stunningly good-looking man is, let me introduce you to Kim Jae WookStarring in dramas like Mary Stayed Out All Night,” he is able to hold his own against pretty, flower boy types such as Jang Geun Suk. When I first saw him in that drama, I totally fell in love. When I looked him up online later and saw pictures of the 31-year-old with a ponytail, he suddenly got even more perfect.

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Next time your non K-Pop friends joke about stereotypes of Asians being short and unattractive, please refer them to Oh Ji Ho. At 6’0, the super handsome actor has been melting the hearts of fans for years now. With his rugged good looks and super deep dimples, the 38-year-old is one of the most handsome people to ever grace the screen. He is well-known for dramas like The Slave Hunters.”

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Joo Sang Wook has been acting since 1997 and has appeared in countless dramas and television series. That is definitely good news for fans who can’t get enough of his gorgeous face. If you’re unfortunate enough to have never seen him before though, check him out in the romantic comedy, Cunning Single Lady.” The 36-year-old is undoubtedly one of the best looking actors of today.

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Though I’ve seen the gorgeous and talented Jo In Sung before, it wasn’t until I watched him in this year’s hit, It’s Ok, That’s Love,” that I fell head over heels in love with him. The 33-year-old mega star started acting in 2000, but he is a well-known model and spokesperson as well. Tall and lean, there is no doubt that the actor is handsome. However, his sexiness seems to come mainly from some inexplicable appeal that captures the audience.

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If you’re not a fan of Song Seung Heonthen I have to wonder about your sanity. Apart from being a fantastic actor, the man simply oozes sex-appeal. Best known for his roles in television series like “Summer Scent” and East of Eden,” With his chiseled good looks and sensual eyes, it’s hard to believe the gorgeous actor is getting close to 40 years old. If you want to see him in a more recent drama, check him out in the 2013 drama, “When a Man Falls in Love.” 

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 After seeing this list, there should be no doubt in your mind that there are plenty of sexy, gorgeous K-Actors in their 30’s. However, just in case you think their best days are soon to be behind them though, check out the extremely gorgeous 43-year-old actor Ji Jin HeeIf this is what being in your 40’s looks like, then the other actors on this list can only look forward to a future of getting better with age.

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