Shannon to Officially Debut as a Solo Artist after Training for Five Years

Shannon, who has been training under Core Contents Media (now also known as MBK Media) for five years, will be finally having her debut.

Core Contents announced her upcoming debut on November 24 with a teaser image. The meanings behind numbers in the image 29, 30, 1 will be revealed soon.

Shannon’s debut song, “Early Morning Rain,” will be a ballad track that will incorporate dance into the performance. She has been working with world-renowned choreographer Ian Eastwood on the choreography for her debut single. Eastwood is a well-known name in the urban hip-hop genre, and has worked with Taemin on his “Danger” choreography.

Shannon appeared on “Star King” in 2010 where she impressed the audience with her singing skills and the desire to become a singer in Korea. After the TV appearance, she signed with Core Contents Media, having trained with the agency since. In 2013, she appeared on “Hidden Singer” IU special and made it to the final round.