Quiz: Do You Know Your K-Pop Idols?

Last time we checked your knowledge of interesting K-Pop lyrics, this time we’re back to test you on your knowledge of K-Pop idols. Unfortunately, we could not cover every single K-Pop idol, although we would like to since we love them all. Perhaps if Soompiers like it enough, we will make a Part 2!

Moving on to the actual quiz now: Each question will give you some clues and you will have to select the correct K-pop idol among the choices. The quiz will start off easier and get more challenging. Good luck!

The quiz is temporarily unavailable, but will be back shortly! Check our Twitter and Facebook for updates.

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How well do you know your K-Pop idols? Which facts surprised you? Comment below!


Good job! You are a K-Pop trainee! This means that you might still be a bit new to K-pop or you haven’t gotten around to checking out all of the different K-Pop singers. Check out this quiz again in the future!


Amazing! You are a K-pop idol! This means you’re definitely K-pop savvy and familiar with many singers. Good job on your thorough research! Check out the questions that you missed and come back to this quiz to become a K-pop Superstar!


Fantastic! You are a K-pop superstar! Your knowledge reflects your expertise on K-Pop idols. You are truly a K-pop lover! Be sure to show off to your friends and have them take the quiz too!

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