12 Dimpled Korean Actors and Actresses that Dazzle

Flash me some nice, deep dimples and I’m a complete goner. I don’t know why. I mean, they’re basically just small indentations in your cheeks caused by a muscle deformity… but I really, really adore them. Unfortunately, I wasn’t blessed with dimples, but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate them on others… like these twelve great actors and actresses!

Dimples_Oh Yeon Seo

Oh Yeon Seo recently captured my heart as Shin Yool in “Shine or Go Crazy,” where her positive attitude means her beautiful dimples are constantly being flashed left and right. You can also find her dimples in “Dong Yi,” “Baby Faced Beauty,” “My Husband Got a Family,” “Jang Bo Ri is Here!,” and more!

Dimples_Kim Bum

Kim Bum had me the very moment I laid eyes on him in “Boys Over Flowers” as So Yi Jung. His adorable dimples were a bonus eye candy for my second favorite character. Can you also spot his dimples in “Unstoppable High Kick,” “East of Eden,” “Dream,” “The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry,” “That Winter, The Wind Blows,” and “Goddess of Fire“?

Dimples_Lee Ha Nui

“Shine or Go Crazy” isn’t just a battle of wits between two identical North Star energies, but a battle of dimples as well. Lee Ha Nui has a killer pair that can be seen whenever she smirks as Hwang Bo Yeo Won. For friendlier smiles, catch her in “Pasta,” “Modern Farmer,” “Don’t Look Back: The Legend of Orpheus (or more simply known as “Shark“), the film “Deranged,” and more.

Dimples_Seo Kang Joon

Seo Kang Joon was cute in “Cunning Single Lady.” His smile always allowed us a good glimpse of the indentation in his cheek. He probably won plenty of hearts in “Good Doctor,” “The Mysterious Housemaid,” and “What’s With This Family?” along with movie “My Love, My Bride” too. Since I only knew him as an actor, it was an unexpected turn of events to find out that he’s actually part of an idol boy group, 5urprise! Surprised, indeed!

Dimples_Hwang Jung Eum2

I loved Hwang Jung Eum and her dimples in “Giant,” the first drama I ever saw her in, but that doesn’t mean she wasn’t equally as amazing in her other roles because she was! “Kill Me, Heal Me,” “Secret Love,” “Can You Hear My Heart,” “Winter Bird,” “High Kick Through the Roof,” “Golden Time,” “Endless Love,” and “Full House Take 2” are just some of her other projects.

Dimples_Lee Sang Yoon 2

No dimples list is complete without Mr. Dimples himself, Lee Sang Yoon! Even though I first fell, quite hopelessly, for him in “Liar Game” due to his intense, smoldering gazes, he finished the job in “Angel Eyes” with his eye smiles and deep dimples. There’s no way to prevent the dugeun dugeun (pit-a-pat) of your heart, no matter what role he plays, such as in “The Duo,” “Life is Beautiful,” “Home Sweet Home,” “My Daughter Seo Young,” “Goddess of Fire,” and “No Limit.”

Dimples_Shin Min Ah

What’s a list with Mr. Dimples without Ms. Dimples as well? That’s Shin Min Ah! Ask anyone to name a Korean actress with nice dimples and her name is probably first on the list. I first knew her back in 2001 in “Beautiful Days,” but she can also be found in “Arang and the Magistrate,” “My Girlfriend is a Gumiho,” “Punch,” “A Love to Kill,” and “The Devil.” (Is it just me or does Oh Yeon Seo and Shin Min Ah have very similar dimpled smiles?)

Dimples_Choi Jin Hyuk

Where has Choi Jin Hyuk‘s dimples been hiding all my life?! To be honest, I didn’t even notice their brief appearances in “Fated to Love You” until about the fourth re-watch marathon… but once I saw them, I couldn’t forget them. That’s usually how it goes, right? I’ll have to pay more attention to them when I finally get around to watching his other dramas like “Pride and Prejudice,” “Pasta,” “I Need Romance,” “Gu Family Book,” “Emergency Couple,” and more.

Dimples_Kang So Ra1

Dream High 2” was the drama that introduced me to Kang So Ra and her subtle dimples… or so I thought. It took a re-watch of the film “4th Period Mystery” for me to connect the dots – that Lee Da Jeong and Shin Hae Sung were portrayed by the same actress. Some of Kang So Ra’s other dramas are “Dr. Champ,” “Misaeng,” “Ugly Alert,” and “Doctor Stranger.” She was also in the movie “Sunny.”

Dimples_Hyun Bin

Oh boy, look at those dimples! Hyun Bin totally knows how to rock them! He flashes them so easily and so frequently, it’s actually pretty hard to see him without that cute indent. You’ll have to catch his in “Hyde Jekyll, Me,” “Secret Garden,” “Friend Our Legend,” “The World That They Live In,” “The Snow Queen,” “My Lovely Sam Soon,” and films “The Fatal Encounter,” “Late Autumn,” “A Millionaire’s First Love,” and “Daddy Long Legs.” That’s certainly not the end of his resume, but it’s definitely a good place to start if you want to admire those dimples some more.

Dimples_Han Ji Min2

I so adored Han Ji Min and her peek-a-boo dimples in “Rooftop Prince.” It’s definitely my favorite drama of hers to date, but she does well in other projects too, like “Hyde Jekyll, Me,” “Cain and Abel,” “Yi San,” “Padam Padam,” “Capital Scandal,” and plenty of others. Film wise, she was great in “Plan Man” and “The Fatal Encounter.”

Dimples_Lee Min Ho

For many, many years, it completely escaped my notice that Lee Min Ho has a really nice set of dimples.This obvious knowledge finally hit me over the head, knocking some observational skills into me, when a friend said, “Dimples, Akina! Lee Min Ho has dimples! Look!” Oh, why yes… yes, he does! And what a lovely pair of dimples he has. “Boys Over Flowers,” “Personal Taste,” “City Hunter,” “The Heirs,” “Faith,” and the movie “Public Enemy Returns” are just a few places to catch a glimpse of him and his cheek indent.

Whose dimples did you like most? Did I leave out your favorite dimpled actor or actress? Let us know in the comments below!

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