Lee Tae Im Claims Yewon Was Rude to Her First; Explains Why She Exploded

According to earlier reports, actress Lee Tae Im decided to withdraw from TV show “Tutoring Across Generation” after cursing and screaming at singer and actress Yewon during the show’s filming.

The distressed actress, who is receiving a lot of hate for her actions, had a phone interview with Star News. She started off by saying to the interviewer, “I have so many things to say about what happened.”

Lee Tae Im shared her side of the story saying, “It happened after the filming when I just came out from the ocean. I went to take a shower because it was so cold, and when I came out [Yewon] talked down to me saying, ‘what.’ Because I was so mad and couldn’t suppress myself any longer, I exploded in anger.” Here, “talking down” (banmal) refers to informal speech used only with those close to you or younger, and because Yewon is younger than her, Lee Tae Im claims she was offended.

Lee Tae Im goes on to say, “The working condition and other things had me already upset. A lot of the filming at the time was going on without discussion. It’s true that I cursed, but it was an explosion after holding back a lot of things.” She also added that Yewon did not ask “Are you all right?” as reported in other articles.

She also talked about how people viewed her as an actress saying, “All people seem to hate actresses who are considered ‘sexy.’ They treat me like a toy that can be handled however they want.”

Meanwhile, Yewon’s agency responded to Lee Tae Im’s claim that the singer was rude to her, saying, “It’s not true that [Yewon] talked down to her. All the staff members at the scene probably knows Yewon didn’t talk down. When Lee Tae Im cursed, the camera was running. How would [Yewon] talk down when a camera is watching?”

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