More Details Revealed on What Happened the Day of Lee Tae Im and Yewon’s Conflict

Media outlet Dispatch traveled to Jeju Island, the filming location of “Tutoring Across Generations,” in order to piece together what happened the day of Lee Tae Im and Yewon‘s conflict.

Dispatch interviewed people who participated in the “Tutoring Across Generations” filming. An old lady who participated in the filming as a diver was one of the people interviewed. The lady explained that she had already met Lee Tae Im before for a previous filming. She described Lee Tae Im as a kind girl who was like a daughter to her.

1. Before the filming

When the lady heard the news that Lee Tae Im cursed and screamed at Yewon, she was very surprised. However, she did point out that Lee Tae Im looked extremely distressed that day. When Lee Tae Im arrived at her house, she cried while telling the lady that she had failed in all areas of her career, and was sure that her drama “My Heart Twinkle Twinkle” was not going to end well.

2. During the meal

The lady also revealed that before filming in the ocean, Yewon, Lee Jae Hoon, and Lee Tae Im dined together. Because Yewon and Lee Tae Im had met for the first time, Yewon introduced herself and even sang some of her songs to help Lee Tae Im recognize her. Lee Tae Im also told Yewon the movies and dramas she featured in.

3. Right before the diving scene

Right before Lee Tae Im had to go in the water, the lady shared that the actress looked happy. According to her, Lee Tae Im was singing to herself and even had friendly conversations with the staff.

4. During the filming

Lee Tae Im, Lee Jae Hoon, and some of the divers, including the old lady, went into the icy winter ocean. Yewon and a Vietnamese diver named Luenkini waited outside the water.

5. Lee Tae Im comes out of water earlier than expected

After 30 minutes of being in the water, Lee Tae Im came out. Other divers had not noticed that Lee Tae Im left them, as they were busy catching fish in the water. When Lee Tae Im was out, Yewon came up to her asking, “Aren’t you cold?” According to Luenkini, this was when Lee Tae Im suddenly burst out in anger and started cursing at Yewon. Luenkini explained that Yewon did not talk down to Lee Tae Im, which was what Lee Tae Im had claimed. There was no apparent reason for Lee Tae Im to be mad at the singer. However, Lee Tae Im went on cursing and screaming for around two to three minutes. Yewon teared up during this time.

Luenkini explained, “I was so surprised. Yewon just asked her if she was cold but Lee Tae Im suddenly changed. She cursed with words I couldn’t understand. She even raised her hand as if to hit her. The staff had to come and stop her.” She then added, “Yewon didn’t do anything to make her mad. Everything just happened abruptly.”

6. Afterwards

After the outburst, Lee Tae Im stopped filming and left the set. Yewon went into a bathroom and cried for about thirty minutes. After coming out, she comforted the startled staff and claimed that she was okay. Luenkini showed Dispatch a picture that she took with Yewon after the incident. In the picture, Yewon has swollen eyes after crying.

According to a staff of the show, Yewon filmed the ending with Lee Jae Hoon because Lee Tae Im had left the scene. “No one would have been surprised if [Yewon] said she wanted to leave. She was treated [horribly by Lee Tae Im]… But Yewon firmly said that she wanted to film the ending,” said the staff member.


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