Song Jae Rim Talks about Feeling Warm after Skinship with Lee Ha Na

Actor Song Jae Rim shows how passionate he is with his work as he tries to have a more comfortable environment with his co-actors even behind the camera.

Song Jae Rim is currently the lead actor in the KBS2TVUnkind Women” with co-star Lee Ha Na whom he has shown much care for behind the camera as well. However, it seems like Song Jae Rim cares more than necessary as he confesses that he has a lot of “close skinship” with his co-actress.

The actor explained, “We had a scene for the upcoming episode that had Lee Ha Na wearing a kendo outfit. We took a long time filming that [carrying] scene, [but] she was considerably really light. We filmed it easily. It was cold that day but I felt warmer after filming that scene, for some reason.” It appears as though actors can unexpectedly be affected by intimate scenes.

“Unkind Women” airs on Wednesdays and Thursdays.