Shinhwa Wins Triple Crown on M!Countdown With “Sniper”

With three consecutive wins on M!Countdown, Shinhwa gets a triple crown win for “Sniper.” Congratulations to them on their comeback! They are actually the first group this year on win a triple crown on a music program.

SM Entertainment‘s rookie group Red Velvet was the runner up this week with “Ice Cream Cake.” Do you think they will be able to get their first win next week? 

Comeback stages: Crayon Pop, K.Will, LABOUM, NS Yoon-G , Baek Ji Young, Untouchable, N-SONIC

More performances: Shinhwa, Minah, Red Velvet, Super Junior D&E, Gain, Lovelyz, Boyfriend, CLC, Eric Nam

Crayon Pop – “FM”

K.Will – “The Man Wrote” + “Growing”

LABOUM – “Sugar Sugar”

NS Yoon-G – “Wifey”

Baek Ji Young & Song Yu Vin – “Garosugil at Dawn”

Untouchable – “Crayon”

N-SONIC – “Black Out”

More performances:

Shinhwa – “Sniper”

Minah – “I’m a Woman Too”

Red Velvet – “Ice Cream Cake”

Super Junior D&E – “Sweater & Jeans” + “Breaking Up” + “Growing Pains”

Gain – “Paradise Lost”

Lovelyz – “Hi~”

Boyfriend – “Bounce”

CLC – “Pepe”

Eric Nam “I’m OK”

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