Video of Lee Tae Im and Yewon Conflict Released

Lee Tae Im was under fire for cursing at Yewon on the set of MBC‘s “Tutoring Across Generationsearlier this month. A video revealing the actual scene has been released on an online community message board.

The video shows Yewon on the ground talking to Lee Tae Im (not visible in the video). It starts with Yewon asking Lee Tae Im if she is cold.


Yewon: “Are you cold?” (formally)

Lee Tae Im: “It’s so cold. Do you want to go in too?” (informally)

Yewon: “No.”(informally) Note: The Korean word she used is a more passive way of saying “No.”

Lee Tae Im: “You don’t like it? You like watching someone else do it?” (informally)

Yewon: “No. No.” (informally)

Lee Tae Im: “Why are you talking informally? Are you looking down on me?” (informally)

Yewon: “No, no. Because it’s cold.” (formally)

Yewon: “Uhnni (older female) you don’t like me right?” (formally)

Lee Tae Im: “Why are you looking at me with those eyes X? You think you’re so great?” (informally)

Lee Tae Im continues to curse. At this time, staff members intervene and stop them. Yewon continues to stare while Lee Tae Im explains to the staff that it’s because Yewon is speaking to her informally. Yewon glares as Lee Tae Im continues to vent her anger, disliking the way Yewon is looking at her. Soon, Lee Tae Im leaves (or is persuaded away by staff) and Yewon remains at the site.


When the video frame drops to the sandy beach, you can no longer see Yewon, but you can hear a female voice, presumably Yewon since the audio sounds like it is being recorded from a mic, say, “That crazy woman (b**tch). Why is she like that?”

She is visibly shocked while staff members try to make her feel better, one even apologizing for Lee Tae Im, and another saying, “It’s okay. You didn’t do anything wrong.” (Note: The same video at different platforms seem to cut off at different times. The one we originally translated from is no longer available.)


The video seems like it was put together using a camera’s recording and a separate audio recording from the mic on Yewon.

When the conflict first occurred, netizens had demanded to see a video, but producers refused to saying that a video could make it worse. Previously, the matter had seemed resolved with Lee Tae Im apologizing to Yewon and fans.

Now that a video has been leaked, it seems as though there will be repercussions. MBC has responded to the leaked video stating, “We have seen the leaked video. We are currently investigating. We are not sure how this video got leaked as of yet.”

Watch the video below. It may become unavailable soon as MBC is actively asking various video platforms, like YouTube, to take them down. MBC is blocking videos from YouTube citing an infringement on copyright.

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