9 Times “Running Man” Impressed You With Their Spot-on Transformations

As fans of Korean entertainment, we are no strangers to strange fashion choices, cross-dressing, and cosplaying of various iconic figures in pop culture. Remember when Super Junior did this?

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What makes these get-ups even funnier is when a group of people run with a theme, which is what happens often on the SBS variety show “Running Man.” The cast of seven, sometimes with their guests, get dressed and made up in some of the craziest outfits, but somehow it always suits them perfectly. Let’s run through the top 9 of most outrageous and choose our favorites!

1. Animal Kingdom

The “Running Man” members are often attributed with animal-like qualities and it was never so perfectly embodied than when they wore animal costume heads for a special “Animal Kingdom” race (Episode 141). Per their nicknames and characteristics, Kim Jong Kook is the tiger, Song Ji Hyo is the cat, Gary is the monkey, Lee Kwang Soo is the giraffe, Ji Suk Jin is the impala, Yoo Jae Suk is the grasshopper, and Haha is the penguin. Learn more about the cast’s nicknames and characteristics here in our rundown of the show.

soompi running man animals

2. Running Heroes

For this special episode of “Running Man” (Episode 216), the cast dressed up as various heroic figures in both Western and Eastern cultures. Yoo Jae Suk dressed up as Superman, Kim Jong Kook was Wolverine, Haha was Hong Gil Dong (Korea’s very own Robin Hood), Ji Suk Jin was Batman, Song Ji Hyo was Wonder Woman, Gary was Son O-Gong (the Monkey King from Chinese legends), and Lee Kwang Soo was Avatar. From the Monkey King to Avatar, these characters were the perfect superhero versions of the members.

1011 running man superheroes stills

Lee Kwang Soo

3. School girls

What’s a better twist than to put the most “masculine” person in a schoolgirl get-up? That’s exactly what “Running Man” did when it put Kim Jong Kook in a female school uniform. With the character name of Jong Sook (the “sook” (숙) character is common in female Korean names, as well as “ja” (자)), Kim Jong Kook found a lot of popularity with his female version, as well as Lee Kwang Soo, whose character was called Kwang Ja. (Episode 181)

Kim Jong Kook and Lee Kwang Soo

Kim Jong Kook surprisingly has a long history of crossing-dressing as evidenced here:

kim jong kook girl

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4. My Love from the Running Stars

Yoo Jae Suk found his own opportunity to cross-dress on the show (Episode 185), disguising himself as Cheon Song YiJun Ji Hyun‘s character from “My Love from the Stars.” Yoo Jae Suk played his character with gusto, showing as much sass as Jun Ji Hyun did.

running man my love from the stars
5. Dream Girls

For a special music audition themed episode (Episode 214), Kim Jong Kook, Song Ji Hyo, Lee Kwang Soo, Ji Suk Jin, and Gary transformed into a group of fabulous singers, but no one was as fabulous as Lee Kwang Soo.

running man dream girls

6. Running Manimation

This was from the early days of “Running Man,” when Song Joong Ki and Lizzy were regular cast members (episode 25). The cast dressed up as popular figures from Japanese animations, like Sailor Moon and Candy, and Korean animations, like Dooly the Little Dinosaur.

Do you spot the early days of “Monday Couple” there?

running man animation

7. Jumping Man from Down Under

How about when everyone, including guests Rain and Kim Woo Bin, dressed up in kangaroo costumes. What a sight- to see kangaroos feeding kangaroos (episode 188)

soompi running man kangaroo

8. The Avengers

The Running Man cast transformed into the one of the most recognizable superhero groups these days, The Avengers, in episode 150. Song Ji Hyo is our Black Widow, Kim Jong Kook is Thor, Haha is Iron Man, Yoo Jae Suk is Captain America, Gary is Spiderman, Lee Kwang Soo is Hawk Eye, and Ji Suk Jin is the Hulk.

Running man avengers

9. Running Aliens

This is my personal favorite because they just look so funny, especially Lee Kwang Soo. But Lee Kwang Soo always looks the funniest. Why on earth they decided to make the tallest guy on the cast even taller by giving him a cone head, I have no idea, but it was brilliant and it worked to make him perfectly ridiculous.


Plus, they gave Ji Suk Jin an even bigger nose as an alien. (Episode 222)

ji suk jin alien

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