How Do You Mend a Broken Bromance? “Running Man” Has the Answer

What happens when bromance is broken? Dirty looks, guilt, silent treatment, and lots of hilarity.


On the May 24 episode of “Running Man,” one of the games required getting rid of your team’s balls by giving it to another by answering a quiz question correctly. Gary felt a great sense of betrayal when Lee Kwang Soo, after winning, put a ball into the bowl of Gary’s team, even after Gary played up his happiness for Lee Kwang Soo’s win. Lee Kwang Soo tried to pretend he put the ball in Gary’s bowl by mistake, but Gary didn’t buy it. Gary glared at Lee Kwang Soo and warned him that it was for real this time, that he wasn’t going to let this betrayal go easily..

In a show that’s full of betrayals, to take one seriously means business.

In the end, Gary’s team ended up with the punishment, forced to eat a meal in crane many stories up. Gary ate silently with a hard expression, and Lee Kwang Soo, watching him from the inside while eating a comfortable meal at a restaurant, commented, “He won’t even look at me.”

Feeling guilty, Lee Kwang Soo tried to appease Gary, writing a message of love and support- “I love you, Gary hyung. You’re almost finished eating!” But Gary would have none of it, just saying, “Jeez, I’m going crazy since I can’t even curse at him.” Haha, who is eating inside with Lee Kwang Soo, comments, “Gary thinks you’re making fun of him now.”

runnin man may 24 gary kwang soo

Things didn’t look good for Lee Kwang Soo; Gary wasn’t forgiving him easily before. But as so many Korean variety shows have taught viewers, other’s people’s misery is my happiness.

In the end, everyone except Ji Suk Jin and Park Joon Hyung are exempt from the worst punishment of all- the “ropeless” bungee jump. In their rapture and delight for escaping punishment, Gary and Lee Kwang Soo cling at each other, letting go of past grievances and mending their bromance. Ji Suk Jin comments, “I’m glad you two were able to solve the misunderstanding due to us getting the punishment.”

Look at Gary’s and Lee Kwang Soo’s faces- absolute happiness, as Gary goes in for a bromantic kiss.

runnin man may 24 gary kwang soo 2

Meanwhile, g.o.d‘s Park Joon Hyung, f(x)‘s Amber, 2PM‘s Nichkhun, Henry, and M.I.B‘s Kangnam were guests on this week’s episode.

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