10 Korean Actors Unlikely To Be Cast as Villains

because they have such a good image. Sucks to be known as the good guy.

SBS’ weekly entertainment news show, “One Night of TV Entertainment,” aired a special segment yesterday, June 17, on K-drama and movie villains and the actors who play them. Through an online survey it conducted, “One Night” collected answers from 1,300 men and women on which Korean celebrity they thought would not match up with a villainous role. Here are the top 10.

10. Choi Soo Jong

This veteran actor has mostly played the good guys and is famously know for his devotion to his wife, actress Ha Hee Ra.

Choi Soo Jong Ha Hee Ra

9. Won Bin

Although he played the badass and lethal “Man from Nowhere,” the character of Tae Sik is a good guy at heart, risking his life to save a child.


8. Han Ji Min The actress is not only known for her kind roles, but also her kind heart that compels her to participate often in charitable activities.

han ji min

7. Yoo Jae Suk

Everyone has nothing but praise for the “Nation’s MC” who is always looking out for his colleagues and juniors, ready to give them advice and give them the spotlight.

yoo jae suk

6. Song Joong Ki

Even as the vengeful Kang Maru in “The Innocent Man,” his clear round eyes and warm smile made him seem like a “nice guy, the likes of which you couldn’t possible find anywhere in this world.”

Song Joong Ki

5. Moon Geun Young

Same goes for Moon Geun Young. Have you seen her big moon eyes fill with tears? All you want to do is make them stop and hit the person who is hurting her.


4. Cha Tae Hyun

He’s a prime example of someone who is so good at a genre, it’s really hard to imagine him in any other. Cha Tae Hyun is great at comedy, so even if he was cast as a villain, you would just expect him to do something silly and make you laugh.

Cha Tae Hyun

3. Kim Tae Hee

Kim Tae Hee actually made a name for herself as the evil stepsister to Choi Ji Woo’s Han Jung Suh in the 2003 K-drama “Stairway to Heaven.” But her beautiful, angelic look makes it hard to accept her as a villain.

Kim tae hee 3

2. Kim Soo Hyun

Remember the sweet but bumbling Song Sam Dong in “Dream High” and his current role, Baek Seung Chan, in “Producer”? They’re quite similar to his natural, awkward self, and the way his eyes become crooked when he smiles makes him an unlikely candidate for evil roles.


1. Lee Seung Gi

The nicest guy in the industry. The guy you want to bring home to your parents. The man parents want as their son-in-law. The guy who doesn’t need rules and laws.  That’s Lee Seung Gi. Enough said.

Lee Seung Gi

In addition to this list, “One Night of TV Entertainment” also interviewed Yang Sung Min, a member of CJ E&M‘s casting team, who revealed the behind the scenes stories of casting actors in different roles. This industry insider revealed that Kim Soo Hyun’s manager personally approached the team early this year, asking if there were any villain roles for Kim Soo Hyun. Kim Soo Hyun had expressed that he would really like to take on an evil role, even if it was only a supporting role.

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