8 Types of Social Media Gurus in K-Pop

T.O.P likes furniture. The BTS members are both sincere and hilarious. Most K-stars really like taking selfies.

For the last few years, K-pop and K-drama fans have been lucky enough to live in an era where we can feel closer to our favorite celebrities through social media: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Weibo, and many more.

Through seeing snapshots of their life on a regular basis, we have undoubtedly grown to know some of our stars much better, well enough to categorize them into different types of social media gurus. Here are eight of them.

 The Selfie Master

Example: Ji Chang Wook, BTS, Kim So Hyun

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This is actually a must for all K-stars who get a social media account, and if you scroll through any of their accounts, 90% of K-stars will fill them with pictures of themselves. Of course, it’s what fans are looking for, and they are sure to provide for their fans. Some examples are Ji Chang Wook, BTS, and Kim So Hyun.

The Fashionista

Example: 2NE1’s Minzy

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Scrolling down 2NE1‘s Minzy‘s Instagram account, the amount of different styles Minzy posts pops right out at you. Not only is the sheer amount of different fashion styles impressive, but she manages to pull off all of them. Need inspiration for a new style? Try Minzy’s social media accounts.

The Dr. Dolittle

Example: Super Junior’s Heechul, Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung

Screen Shot 2015-06-21 at 5.02.18 PM Screen Shot 2015-06-21 at 5.09.28 PM

Some K-stars are famous for their love of pets. Most of them take it to their social media, because if they love their pets that much, they definitely want to share it with the world. Two such examples are Super Junior‘s Heechul with his cats and Girls’ Generation‘s Sooyoung with her three dogs. Basically, animals + K-stars = social media perfection.

The Enthusiast

Example: BIGBANG’s T.O.P

Screen Shot 2015-06-21 at 10.08.43 AM

Some celebrities fill their social media with things they love and are enthusiastic about. For example, BIGBANG‘s T.O.P’s Instagram is filled with random pictures of furniture. (Furniture collecting must be his hobby.) Although it’s only modern, trendy, and cool furniture, there is no doubt that T.O.P loves his furniture.

The Promoter

Example: EXO’s Kai


While most – if not all – celebrities use social media to promote upcoming activities, some make accounts strictly for promotional purposes. Leading up to the release of “Call Me Baby” by EXO, Kai delighted EXO-L’s by following other members and making an Instagram account. After posting a few things, he deleted his account as soon as “Call Me Baby” was officially released. Of course, he did it adorably too.

The Inspirer

Example: Tablo

Screen Shot 2015-06-21 at 12.07.57 PM

We look up to our stars for the things they do, things they have accomplished, and things they inspire us to do. Through music, lyrics, his rap, and now his social media accounts (both personal and radio), Epik High’s Tablo has been inspiring, convicting, and comforting. He’s taken his gift of words to share with the digital world.

The Artist

Example: B.A.P’s Bang Yong Guk

Screen Shot 2015-06-21 at 5.17.01 PM

Some celebrities’ artsy personalities follow them to their social media. One such example is B.A.P‘s Bang Yong Guk and his completely black and white Instagram account. It suits his music and image perfectly.

The Social Butterfly

Example: EXO’s Chanyeol, Girls’ Generation

Screen Shot 2015-06-21 at 5.31.13 PMScreen Shot 2015-06-21 at 5.36.14 PM

Idols in groups like to show off , aka embarrass, their fellow groupmates on social media. A great example is EXO’s Chanyeol, who has loads of videos and pictures of other EXO members being their crazy selves on his Instagram account. Additionally, all of the Girls’ Generation members like to show off their fellow members as well. Check out Tiffany and Taeyeon‘s accounts for more.

Bonus: Tiffany is a huge fan of Game of Thrones.

Screen Shot 2015-06-21 at 5.35.31 PM

Of course, there is no way I could get everyone with a social media account on here. And I am highly guilty of using too much Instagram and not enough (none) of Facebook or Weibo. So the rest is up to you all! Who’s your favorite K-star on social media? Which one is your favorite social media platform? Share in the comments below!

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