KARA’s Youngji Gets Her First Kiss From a Pig on “Star King”

KARA‘s Youngji gets caught up in the moment on “Star King” and ends up getting her first kiss from a pig!

The July 4 episode of SBS‘ “Star King” features three pigs named Happy, Miss Jean, and Ggoolsooni. On this episode, Youngji states that she loves animals, and that she likes seeing the pigs in real life. Throughout the episode, she’s very interested in the pigs.

In the end, she gives a kiss to one of the pigs on the lips, then confesses that it was her first kiss, and that it made her heart flutter.

Meanwhile, this episode of “Star King” features many other celebrities, including SHINee‘s Onew and Dal Shabet‘s Subin.

Watch the scene for yourself in the video below!

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