2AM’s Jinwoon Gets Harshly Criticized By Kids Over His Drawing Skills on “Off to School”

On July 14’s episode of “Off to School,” 2AM‘s Jinwoon is stunned by the merciless way that some elementary school students respond to his artwork!

Jinwoon and M.I.B‘s Kangnam lead a small art class of only three kids on Jeju Island. They teach the kids how to use circles, triangles, and squares to depict whatever they can imagine.

Kangnam finishes a drawing using only circles, and Jinwoon holds it up while saying to the kids, “Kangnam has drawn a cute pig!”


Kangnam looks over and says dryly, “It’s a bear though,” which makes the kids laugh.


Jinwoon then asks the kids to draw their dream house, and he does the same. When he’s done, he proudly shows it off to the students.


The reception isn’t what he expected though, as one of the kids asks him, “Is that a barn?” He tries to defend his artwork, saying that there’s a tree and a yard, but another kid laughs and interrupts him by saying, “Is it a construction site?”


“You’re so harsh,” replies Jinwoon, but the kids continue to insist that it’s a barn.

In comparison, the students right away recognize that Kangnam has drawn a picture of Hawaii.

When asked whether they think Jinwoon or Kangnam is the better artist, two out of three kids reply “Kangnam!” without any hesitation whatsoever.


Check out more of their lesson in July 14’s episode of “Off to School”!

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