Lee Jong Suk Becomes a Victim of Identity Theft

Lee Jong Suk’s management agency Wellmade Yedang made a press release, revealing that Lee Jong Suk has been a victim of the identity theft. Apparently, someone used the actor’s personal information to convince others to make an investment. The police believe the perpetrator came into contact with many companies, and the investigation is ongoing. The agency’s official press release is as follows:


We would like to make a statement about the news of Lee Jong Suk’s identity theft.

As Lee Jong Suk’s management agency, we have confirmed that the perpetrator used Lee Jong Suk’s personal information and forged documents, gathering investors with hundreds of millions of won. As soon as we realized this, we filed a case with the police against the perpetrator for forgery of documents and fraud, and he was arrested on July 22. We plan to follow through with this case to the end without showing leniency.

We hope that something like this will not happen to any other celebrities.

Thank you.

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