Kim Hyun Joong’s Ex-Girlfriend Gives Her Side of the Story, Kim Hyun Joong’s Side Counter, and Jin Se Yeon Becomes a Victim of This Ongoing Dispute

Actress Jin Se Yeon has been unexpectedly been caught in the continuing and growing dispute between Kim Hyun Joong and his ex-girlfriend, Ms. Choi.

Ms. Choi’s side of the story:

Yesterday, Ms. Choi (Kim Hyun Joong’s ex-girlfriend) revealed, through the media, evidence against Kim Hyun Joong in response to his lawyer’s claims that all her allegations of pregnancy, miscarriage, and physical abuse are false. She wrote a statement, released through the media, explaining that she had been silent while Kim Hyun Joong’s rep, attorney Lee Jae Man, has been talking to the media all this time because she believed the truth will be revealed in court. However, she couldn’t remain silent anymore as she was being drawn up as a criminal and her silence was being seen as an admittance of guilt.

In the first part, Ms. Choi reaffirms that Kim Hyun Joong did abuse her and she reported four cases of assault by Kim Hyun Joong to the police on August 20, 2014. She later withdrew the assault charges against him, but the prosecution pursued legal action against him, from which he was later found guilty and fined. In order for Kim Hyun to avoid serious criminal charges, he needed her to issue a statement that she did not want him prosecuted, which she did, and in return was compensated 600 million KRW (about 512,000 USD)  for damages resulting from the assault. Now Kim Hyun Joong’s lawyer is making it out to seem that she took the 600 million KRW as a blackmail settlement for her not to talk about her former pregnancy and miscarriage.  Ms. Choi states that she never once mentioned pregnancy or miscarriage in her court documents because it was something she didn’t want her parents to know about. Kim Hyun Joong was the one that threatened her by texting to her not mention her previous pregnancy or miscarriage because it can hurt her too.

In the second part, Ms. Choi addresses her first pregnancy and miscarriage back in May 2014 that Kim Hyun Joong’s attorney is now implying never happened. Ms. Choi describes how as soon as she realized she was pregnant after missing her period, she took a home pregnancy test (first time on May 14), once with Kim Hyun Joong around (May 15), that all indicated she was pregnant.

Ms. Choi visited the hospital on May 20 with her friend “A,” as she was told by Kim Hyun Joong and given a card, but it was too early to see anything on the ultrasound. Soon after, however, on May 30, she learned of Kim Hyun Joon’s affair with a female celebrity, initial “L.” When she confronted Kim Hyun Joong about this and asked to break up, he assaulted her for about 30 minutes. She later started to suffer bloody discharge and suspected miscarriage, which she texted Kim Hyun Joong about. Ms. Choi then visited the hospital on June 13, 2014,  by then which her bruises from the assault had subsided. The doctor told her that they uterine lining was thickening again, which meant that she was currently not pregnant, but ovulating.

To support her claims, Ms. Choi shows messages between her and her friend “A” that show pictures of her positive pregnancy test as well as messages between her and Kim Hyun Joong. In one text, Kim Hyun Joong writes, “I’ve gotten caught up with pig that gets pregnant so easily.”

Kim Hyun Joong Ms Choi text pregnancy 2

Kim Hyun Joong Ms Choi text pregnancy

In the third part, Ms. Choi talks about her second pregnancy by Kim Hyun Joong, which occurred in July 2014. She provides the text messages from June 29 that show that Kim Hyun Joong said it too early to go to the hospital to check since nothing will show up on the ultrasound which, Ms. Choi points out, confirms that he knew about the May pregnancy. So Ms. Choi waited to go the hospital and received confirmation she was pregnant, as well as ultrasound pictures. She states that they have been submitted to the court and that attorney Lee Jae Man knows about them,.

This second pregnancy did not come to term, not because of miscarriage, but by abortion, Ms. Choi states. She provides text message evidence that shows that Kim Hyung Joon kept suggesting that she get an abortion, which she did.

But only three days after the abortion, on July 10, Ms. Choi claims Kim Hyun Joong assaulted her. She had visited him at his house with her friend “B” and found Kim Hyun Joong and female celebrity “J” naked in bed together. Ms. Choi was then assaulted by Kim Hyun Joong in front of that celebrity and her friend. Ms. Choi states that plans to call in that female celebrity as a witness for the court.

In the final part, Ms. Choi discusses her current pregnancy and the suspicions laid against her. Attorney Lee Jae Min had made claims that Ms. Choi prevented Kim Hyun Joong and his parents from being there with her during an ultrasound examination on March 12, 2015. Ms. Choi explains that of course she didn’t want Kim Hyun Joong’s parents there in the room because she was going to be without her underwear and that when she asked only Kim Hyun Joong to come in, he turned his head away and his mother blocked their conversation. Ms. Choi also points out that this hospital was chosen by Kim Hyun Joong’s parents (the Seoul Asan Hospital)  and that the doctor even showed them the ultrasound pictures and told them the pregnancy was about 13 weeks, 5 days in and that the fetus was growing well. He even tell told the date of conception- December 20, 2014.

Ms. Choi addresses the evidence that Ki Hyun Joong’s lawyer is providing to raise additional suspicion about her pregnancy. His side is using pictures they found, sent between her and her friend on May 23, on a trip riding a bicycle and asking how a pregnant woman could do this. Ms. Choi explains that this pictures were from a trip with a friend on April 30 and 31.

Ms. Choi and her legal rep also announced that day that they would sue Kim Hyun Joong and his legal rep for libel which made her out to seem like she extorted and blackmailed Kim Hyun Joong out of the 600 million KRW.

Kim Hyun Joong’s response:

In response to Ms. Choi’s side of the story, Kim Hyun Joong’s side has also spoken to the media.

Regarding her evidence of positive home pregnancy tests and text messages, Kim Hyun Joong’s rep states that the evidence will not have legal sway in court. He also states that Ms. Choi was tested at a OB/GYN on June 13, 2014 and there was no sign of pregnancy.

Regarding the May 30, 2014 assault, the rep points out that Ms. Choi said she was hit in the stomach but in the injury report, there is no mention of that. Also, even though Ms. Choi is arguing that Kim Hyun Joong is guilty of assault since the court found him guilty, Kim Hyung was fined because they were not able to reveal that her claims were false, even if they were as Kim Hyun Joong’s side asserts.

Kim Hyun Joong’s side also points out that while Ms. Choi claims she discharged blood because of miscarriage, there is no medical record of treatment for the miscarriage. He explains that Ms. Choi told Kim Hyun Joong on June 13, 2014 that she had a miscarriage and needed to go to the hosptial to get treatment, which she did go to, but the hosptial could not confirm a miscarriage. Regardless, Ms. Choi took 1.5 million KRW from Kim Hyun Joong as “treatment fees.”

Regarding the 600 million KRW compensation, Kim Hyun Joong’s rep states on August 10, 2014, Kim Hyung Joong’s side offered to give Ms. Choi 100 million KRW if she kept silence. By the time she submitted charges of assault by Kim Hyun Joong to the police on August 20,  2014, Ms. Choi had already received the 100 million won. Kim Hyun Joong’s rep states that he think Ms. Choi was then told not to ask for money, which she didn’t, but she did threaten; it was someone else who kept on asking for more money. So even if she didn’t specifically ask for money but the result was that 600 million KRW went to her, that is blackmail.

So to Ms. Choi’s plans to sue Kim Hyun Joong for libel regarding the 600 million KRW, Kim Hyun Joong’s rep stated that they will sue her right back for libel.

About Ms. Choi finding celebrity “J” naked in Kim Hyun Joong’s house, Kim Hyun Joong’s rep describes how she couldn’t have been found naked. Ms. Choi knows Kim Hyun Joong’s keycode into this house. She pressed it, but found the latch was also on so she yelled to be let in and eventually broke the latch and came in. In that situation, Kim Hyun Joong and “J” couldn’t have been found naked, since they would have put on clothes by then. The rep also claims that it doesn’t make sense that Kim Hyun Joong would beat up Ms. Choi at the time with celebrity “J” there. He refers to July 28, 2014 when Ms. Choi tried to get Kim Hyun Joong to hit here by hitting him. He describes how Kim Hyun Joong didn’t hit back even when he was being hit and that Kim Hyun Joong still carries scars from her nails. There are also pictures taken after July 28 by fans at Kim Hyung Joong’s concert that show these marks.

How Jin Se Yeon got caught up in this dispute:

Netizens, after learning about celebrity “J,” started saying that “J” was actress Jin Se Yeon, whom Kim Hyun Joong starred with in the drama “Age of Innocence” (aka “Inspiring Generation”). To this, Ms. Choi, Kim Hyun Joong’s rep, and Jin Se Yeon have all denied that “J” is she. Jin Se Yeon’s rep stated that they are considering legal action against the people who are spreading false rumors.

Jin Se Yeon’s side also revealed that Jin Se Yeon had already submitted charges of libel against netizens in July 2014, but later dropped the charges after receiving apologies and pledges to volunteer.

Lee Jae Man has also stated that “J” has already been tabled from the list of witnesses, and that the celebrity “J” Ms. Choi is referring to doesn’t even have the initial “J” in her name.

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