Girl’s Day Members’ Embarrassing Pasts Revealed on “Weekly Idol”

The embarrassing pasts of Girl’s Day’s members were revealed through the August 5 episode of “Weekly Idol,” which is piloting a new segment called “Things That Make Idols Kick Their Beds at Night.”


Minah’s embarrassing past was a pre-debut photo in which she is wearing no makeup. Yura’s was when she provided a really senseless answer to a question, and Sojin’s was a pictorial in which she looks completely different from how she looks now. It was said that if someone posts Sojin’s past pictorials in a fan cafe, it gets taken down immediately by others. Sojin said, “It was the first pictorial of my life, and I thought that celebrities did photo shoots with the intention of being artistic.”


Which past do you find most embarrassing?

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