Tao Expresses Regret for His Anger at Kris, Mentions Luhan and EXO in Recent Interview

In a recent interview in Los Angeles with Chinese media outlet Sina, Tao (Huang Zi Tao) was asked about former EXO member Kris.

When asked about his initial “angry” reaction to Kris (Wu Yi Fan) leaving EXO, using words like “betrayal” and “ambition” in his Instagram and Weibo posts, Tao explained that he felt hurt at that time by Kris, as he considered him to be a close “brother” and friend but Kris just left without telling him anything. He also discussed how he was first ambivalent about posting such a message and after asking friends, who advised him not to post, and his manager, who said it was okay, he decided to post it. Now he regrets his action and would support Kris if he could do it over again.


Tao also revealed that he often speaks to Luhan, another former member of EXO who is also currently in a lawsuit with SM Entertainment, but he hasn’t spoken to Kris yet and in concerned that Kris won’t forgive him.

Also during the interview, Tao shed tears while discussing the misunderstandings people have of him. Tao also opened up about the reason why he left EXO, describing how when he was injured, he was pushed to keep fulfilling his schedule and encouraged to keep going and rest later.


Tao was also asked about the pictures and clips of him pushing EXO member Baekhyun during a concert. Tao explained that in the full video you can see that everyone was playing around and kidding and that he loves the EXO members. He doesn’t understand why the clips were edited out of context in that way.

Meanwhile, Tao is still in conflict with SM Entertainment *after his father expressed that Tao wished to leave EXO. He is currently pursuing a solo career in China.

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*The previous version of this article misstated that Tao had requested a contract termination.