Ricky Kim Introduces His Third Child To the Tae Siblings on “Oh! My Baby”

Actor Ricky Kim recently revealed his third child’s face on “Oh! My Baby.”

On August 22, on SBS “Oh! My Baby,” Ricky Kim introduced the newest addition to the family to the two Tae siblings.

Ricky Kim’s wife Ryu Seung Joo recently made an appearance on “Oh! My Baby” as she stated that “After being 8 months pregnant, the time has come for me to be able to show my children the face of their newest sibling. That’s why I will be taking them to the hospital with me.”

Ricky Kim

Tae Rin and Tae Oh followed their parents to the gynecologist hand in hand with their father. They were finally able to meet their newest sibling, JooJoo (a nickname for now) through pictures of the ultrasound. Interestingly enough, JooJoo was seen in the ultrasound responding to the voices of her older brother and sister.

Ricky Kim was unable to hide his happiness while watching his children interact with each other. However, the father mentioned that “Now that I have three children, I am slightly worried about money. Although I am happy, as a father, it’s inevitable that I worry about financial problems.” Ricky Kim was able to express his true feelings through the interview portion of the episode.

Are you guys excited to see JooJoo on “Oh! My Baby” as well?

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An earlier version of this post misspelled Tae Rin as Tae Ran.