Youtuber Spotlight: J.R.E from JREKML on KCON, and His Favorite Artists

Considering the sheer number of people in attendance, it’s not easy to roam the halls of KCON, but even less so when you’re J.R.E of JREKML, one of the biggest K-pop Youtube channels in the industry today. In fact, when we invited J.R.E to join us at the Soompi Booth for a Meet & Greet this year, hundreds of people showed up, some waiting hours just to get a few precious minutes and a photo with their favorite star.


While J.R.E was at the Soompi Booth, we couldn’t pass up an opportunity to hear what he had to say about K-pop in an exclusive interview. In this new segment of Youtuber Spotlight, we delve deeper into J.R.E’s candid thoughts into this year’s KCON, his favorite MVs, and more!

Hi J.R.E! Can you introduce yourself to our audience?

Yo what’s up! My name is J.R.E from the Youtube channel JREKML. I do K-pop skits, reactions, and everything you can imagine. Something random. Just Random Everyday, that’s what they call me. Let’s go!

What is your favorite part of KCON?

The fans’ reactions, and obviously the concerts, the people, and the food!


Who are you most excited to see?

Zion.T and Crush. I follow them with a passion, and I love their music, especially R&B.

What surprised you the most about this year’s KCON?

I’m a little bit overwhelmed by how many people who want to come up to me. It’s weird and awesome at the same time; I just get overwhelmed and happy.

Who are your favorite artists?

BIGBANG. That’s my bias group. 2NE1. Ailee!


Who is your favorite Youtuber?

I get inspired by so many Youtubers. There’s DashieXP, Philip DeFranco, JK Films. 2MinJinkJongKey, freshlyFLIPPED. There’s a lot of them.

As a reaction video star, what do you think is the best MV that came out this year?

Wow, that’s really hard. I’ve seen so many that I can’t really choose one. There’s so many good ones. I’m getting stumped by this question! Political vote: I love all the MVs. Haha.

Do you have any words you’d like to say to people who are pursuing becoming a Youtuber?

Do what you do. Do what you love best. Be the best you you can be. And most importantly – listen to K-pop, it feels good.

In case you missed it, watch as the JREKML dynamic duo also covered VIXX’s concert in Orlando, where they highlighted must-see moments of the show, and got a taste of their own celebrity status! Be sure to also subscribe to JREKML on Youtube, and follow J.R.E and K.M.L on Twitter.