Ha Jung Woo Expresses His Thanks Towards Kangnam

On the August 28 episode of MBC’s “I Live Alone,” Kim Yong Gun was seen meeting up with his son Ha Jung Woo.

Kim Yong Gun was ecstatic to share the details about his trip to Canada with his son. He had travelled to Canada with M.I.B. singer Kangnam.

During the interview part of the show, Ha Jung Woo stated, “I saw my father go to Canada with Kangnam. I am really thankful towards Kangnam because my father was so happy. Although my brother or I should have gone to Canada with our father, I’m glad that Kangnam could go in our place.”

As Kim Yong Gun shared the pictures that he took in Canada with his son, Ha Jung Woo pointed out, “Father, you wore my hat.”

As his son’s comment took him by surprise, Kim Yong Gun brought out a variety of hats that he had bought for his son in Canada.

The closeness of the father and son truly melted the hearts of many fans.

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