10 Korean Commercials So Cheesy, Even Fans Can’t Help But Cringe

Get ready to cringe and cover your eyes because these commercials starring your favorite K-pop and K-drama stars are just too cheesy to be watched.


SHINee is selling Ottogi Ppushu Ppushu – a snack that is basically uncooked ramen – and showing you the various ways you can break up those hard, uncooked noodels in the bag before you sprinkle them with the flavoring of your choice. The boys are giving it their all, as they always do, but can you imagine actually doing the flying knee kick to crush your snack?


WINNER and actress Nam Bo Ra are promoting the Fanta drink by demonstrating the ways different flavors can be mixed to create a new flavor. Everything is color-coordinated so on top of the head-to-toe orange outfit (for Kang Seung Yoon), the commercial has all its stars pouring Fanta into laboratory glassware like it’s the most magical thing on earth.



G-Dragon was the face of cosmetics company the SAEM for many years, and during his time with them, he starred in many commercials. In the one featured below, G-Dragon is advertising the SAEM’s moisturizing face cream and HE DOES NOT TAKE HIS EYES OFF YOU. It’s kind of unnerving while he proceeds to apply the cream on his face, massage it into his skin, and then pat it down, all the while having a staring contest with you.



B1A4‘s Sandeul is advertising the gold face mask for another cosmetics company, Tony Moly. It’s already a little weird to have so many men selling cosmetics to you, but Tony Moly puts the (literal) gold crown on top with this commercial. Sandeul’s heart is beating fast at the anticipation of using the gold mask, and when he smiles, he flashes you a gold tooth.



JYJ stops singing an emotional ballad when they notice a girl rubbing her head so they can ask if anyone has headache medicine for her. Another audience member offers up the PenzalQ which gets rid of the girl’s headache, and Junsu thanks PenzalQ for being the great medicine it is. Seeing JYJ on my screen is always a pleasure, but I couldn’t help but cringe at the cheesiness of this commercial. Also laugh out loud. Really hard. I imagine Yoochun and Jaejoong were doing this at the side while Junsu was filming.



Yoo Seung Ho would probably want you to forget this commercial ever existed. Filmed during the early days of his puberty, Yoo Seung Ho is an awkward, lanky young boy trying to dance in an all white, satin suit and matching bow-tie. He’s singing, he’s dancing, and he’s selling you ice cream.



That same ice cream company subjects Yeo Jin Goo to the same awkwardness galore, minus the white satin, but has him look lovingly at the frozen snack like it is Kim Yoo Jung from “The Moon Embracing the Sun.”


EXO‘s Chanyeol becomes the protagonist of a cheesy, rom-com fanfic in this commercial for a refreshment drink, complete with dubbing styled after 1960s Korean films.


The ZE:A members basically said to themselves before filming this commercial, “If we have to do this, we’re going to do it right.” Here, the members go all out to portray delinquent school boys of the 1980s with the stylishly appropriate slick hair and and turtle necks under their school uniforms. Although, I doubt Kwanghee had to stray too far from his usual dramatic self.


The SHINee members are basically kings of cheesy commercials, thanks to their gorgeous skin which makes them so desirable for cosmetics brands. The members are either particles of the CC cream sponge or the makeup sponge, and they have to vigorously jump up and down or throw the cc cream upward, while making the best faces ever.

But Key tops them all. I mean, look at that. Onew looks normal for all his minis, while Key…well, Key is Key.

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What other commercials did your biases film that make you want to cringe?

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