Netizens Think They Can Read Code, Forcing Jung Yumi to Refute Dating Rumor With Kang Dong Won

Lovestagram is a trendy word these days, with many celebrities actually or believed to be sending sercret messages to their significant other through the Instagram app. So while some are actually secret love messages, some are not, but many netizens, with maybe too much time on their hands, like to read too much into nothing, causing something like this to happen.

Nine weeks ago, actress Jung Yumi uploaded a picture unto her Instagram account, which she captioned, “Things I like.” The image is composed of symbols, and one can read that Jung Yumi likes movies, singing, listening to music, fashion, and rice, for example. The last three symbols, however, seemed to look more significant because it was added after the word “and” and the ellipsis.

Jung Yumi instagram

The three symbols are the dog, a round smiling face, and a monkey. In Korean, they can be read as a kang-ah-ji, dong-geu-ra-mi, and won-soong-i. Do you see it? The Kang-Dong-Won, pulled from the first syllable of the three words? It spells out the name of Kang Dong Won, the actor, according to some netizens. The “code reading” by netizens gained so much traction that Jung Yumi’s rep had to respond to the local news source TV Report when asked about this rumor that “The rumor that she is dating Kang Dong Won is ridiculous.” The rep added, “We actually have to plead with her to date.”

What can we learn from this? That Jung Yumi loves her dog very much.

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