CL’s Solo Comeback Comes to Forefront in YG “Who’s Next?” Guessing Game

Sometimes, I can imagine YG people laughing in some dark corner of their headquarters at all the reports coming out about them.

Just yesterday, an article by Starnews, which was linked to at YG’s official blog, speculated that 2NE1 was coming back on November 21, as hinted by YG’s “Who’s Next?” teaser. Now today, an article by Sports Chosun (not linked to at YG’s blog), claims that YG’s next comeback isn’t 2NE1, but just that of member CL. It states that according to an insider, “CL completed recording her solo album and is currently preparing for her comeback stage.” The articles describes how in October, when YG head Yang Hyun Suk had a press conference with the media, he had stated in regards to a 2NE1 comeback, “We’re focusing on CL right now and I think we will be able to deliver good news to you soon. We planning to think about 2NE1’s comeback after CL completes her solo activities.”

I hear can Yang Hyun Suk laughing. Can you?

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