Han Ye Seul Is Chanel’s Gorgeous Muse for Elle

Han Ye Seul, who is Chanel‘s newest beauty muse, did her first photo shoot with Elle. She went through four different makeup looks and made the staff happy with her characteristic bright energy. She said of becoming a model for Chanel, “I cannot tell you how happy I was. It is one of the most irresistible brands for a woman.”


She said that she is currently using Chanel’s Sublimage line to take care of her skin while filming her upcoming drama “Madame Antoine.” It seems that she plans to spend the rest of the year on “Madame Antoine.”

Of her makeup style, she said, “Even though everyone says that I should go for a natural and feminine look, I prefer accentuating my eyes.”

You can find her full pictorial in the December issue of Elle.

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