Hyun Bin and Kang Dong Won Reportedly Considering Signing on With Chinese Agency

It seems that Hyun Bin may possibly be considering signing on to a Chinese entertainment agency.

On November 21, a representative from Hyun Bin’s current label, O& Entertainment, stated, “There’s a rumor going around that Hyun Bin was offered a large sum of money to sign on with a certain agency in China. There has been no contact or discussion of any kind with this agency.”

The representative continued, “Hyun Bin’s current contract expires next month, but he’s currently in talks to renew it.”

Hyun Bin isn’t the only one, either; actor Kang Dong Won‘s contract with O& is also set to expire at the end of next month. One industry insider said, “It’s been mentioned that one Chinese entertainment company offered Kang Dong Won upwards of 10 billion won to recruit him. It’s been explained as the so-called ‘blank cheque contract,’ meant to bring these stars to the Chinese market.”

What do you think of the situation?

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