Kim Gura Says Kim Woo Bin Stopped Texting Him in Fear of Questions About Dating Shin Min Ah

On November 25’s episode of “Radio Star,” the hosts of the show get the chance to question Kim Woo Bin about his love life over the phone, thanks to one of their guests, actress Hwang Mi Young.

Hwang Mi Young and Kim Woo Bin both appeared in the film “Twenty,” although they didn’t act in any scenes together. Hwang Mi Young explains that the two became friends at the wrap party for the film.

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As everyone agrees that he’s a kind person, host Kim Gu Ra adds, “He still sends me messages.”

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Yoon Jong Shin quips, “He’s really a kind person to be sending messages to Kim Gu Ra.”

“But he’s very perceptive,” laughs Kim Gu Ra. “When the news broke about his relationship with Shin Min Ah, he stopped sending me messages, in case I’d ask him about it. Then once some time passed, he started sending messages again.”

The hosts then ask Hwang Mi Young if she also exchanges messages with Kim Woo Bin. When she says she does, they ask her to give him a call.

“I hope he answers!” she says as she takes out her phone.

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Kim Woo Bin does indeed answer and greets her warmly. After he chats for a bit with the hosts, Yoon Jong Shin says, “You should come on ‘Radio Star’! But it’s a bit scary, isn’t it? Since we might have a lot to ask you?”

“Sorry?” says Kim Woo Bin. “I can’t hear you.”

Everyone laughs at the way he dodges the question, and Yoon Jong Shin tries again. “Is your relationship going well?” he asks.

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“What was that? I can’t hear you,” replies Kim Woo Bin again. Yoon Jong Shin yells the question at him again, but this time Kim Woo Bin just laughs.

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The hosts then encourage him to come on the show, and Kim Woo Bin promises that he’ll accept their invitation.

Watch the clip below!

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