Roy Kim Talks About Ideal Type and New Album in MAXIM Interview

Roy Kim released a pictorial set and an interview on MAXIM.

During the interview, he said, “My ideal type changes every day.” He added, “I prefer an energetic woman who can brighten my day, instead of a beautiful woman.”

However, he said that as he spends half of his time in the US, and the other half in Korea, it is difficult to start a serious relationship.


As for his newly released album, he said, “I did not expect so many popular artists such as PSY, TaeTiSeo and EXO to make a comeback at the same time as me.”

He then said, “Now I feel more accustomed to being a singer. I am so happy that I am a singer.”

You can see his full interview and pictorials in the January issue of MAXIM.

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