EXID’s Hani Reveals Why Lee Doo Hee Introduced Her to JYJ’s Junsu

EXID member Hani was a guest on the January 13 episode of “Radio Star” on which she talked about her relationship with JYJ‘s Junsu.

Hani and Junsu were revealed to be in a relationship early this year (which was after she had confirmed her appearance on “Radio Star”), and being on a talk show, Hani knew she would be asked about Junsu. Hani was nervous, but she calmly and clearly answered the questions of the emcees, showing respect for the show, fans, audience, and Junsu.

Hani discussed how she was introduced to Junsu personally and she revealed that it was celebrity computer programmer Lee Doo Hee who lay the bridge between the two. She knew Lee Doo Hee because they were both on the variety show “Dream Team” and Junsu knew him because of he is friendly with a lot of gamers. Lee Doo Hee caught Junsu watching videos of Hani and he told Junsu that he knew Hani. Junsu then asked Lee Doo Hee to let Hani know that he was a fan of hers and the two began to exchange text messages of support. Hani also went to his musicals and they became closer through conversation.

On what Junsu is like in person, not just someone she is a fan of, Hani described him as the person with the brightest energy she has ever known, saying she really respects him.