Lee Gikwang and Lee Yul Eum Start Their Romance in “Monster” Preview Stills

The upcoming MBC Monday-Tuesday drama “Monster” has begun filming!

On February 11, “Monster” released some of its preview stills starring BEAST‘s Lee Gi Kwang and Lee Yul Eum. Having filmed this in Paju last week, Lee Yul Eum is dressed up as a chicken delivery girl named Cha Jung Eun while Gi Kwang is playing his chaebol character Lee Gook Chul.

Gi Kwang’s character is blind, so he had to fall down quite a few times. Although the ground was freezing cold, the star didn’t let that get in the way and gave it his all to perfect his scenes. Lee Yul Eum also practiced driving a scooter beforehand to make the filming go even more smoothly.

The staff praised the two actors, saying, “Even though it was their first day of filming, Lee Gi Kwang and Lee Yul Eum were great at acting. Thanks to them, we know that this drama will end up being well-produced. Their lovey-dovey relationship will make the anticipation rise for the rest of the drama, so please give it lots of love and support.”

Meanwhile, “Monster” will air at the end of March after “Glamorous Temptation” finishes its run.

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