These Celebs Born in 1985 Are Some of Korea’s Hottest Stars Right Now

We previously highlighted some of the hottest actors and K-pop idols born in 1993, amazed by how many amazing stars were born that year. This time, we look at older stars, born in 1985, who are currently taking over Korea’s small screens.

Lee Kwang Soo Puck

Lee Kwang Soo is Korea’s new Hallyu Star with his rising popularity all over Asia. Lee Kwang Soo may not be your typical K-drama lead material, but whatever he does, he makes headlines. Check out his recent cameo in “Descendants of the Sun” and his short-form hockey drama “Puck.”

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hwang jung eum 1

With one successful drama after anotherHwang Jung Eum is currently one of Korea’s most sought-after actresses. She recently married pro golfer Lee Young Don, starting a new chapter of her life. Congrats!

Lee dong hwi reply 1988
Creating one of the most memorable characters in “Reply 1988,” Lee Dong Hwi is on his way way to becoming a bona fide “scene stealer” actor. Plus, he’s a face you can’t miss these days on TV with his many commercial endorsements.

Park Na Rae vs seolhyun

Park Na Rae is all over Korean television as one of the most popular female comedians out there right now. She’s especially known for her many disguises and her ability to imitate different people, albeit not always successfully.

Song Joong Ki descendants of the sun

Song Joong Ki makes a spectacular return to the small screen with his first project since his return from the military with “Descendants of the Sun.” With the second episode already hitting 15 percent, we’re sure to see more of Song Joong Ki through endorsement deals and in any other way the Korean media can get their hands of him.”Descendants of the Sun” airs every Wednesday and Thursday on KBS2. Catch the latest episode on Viki!

Descendants of the Sun soompi to viki banner

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