Kang Dong Won’s Rep Denies Dating Rumor, Will Take Legal Action

Local news agency Osen reports that on March 1, another media source posted an article about dating rumor regarding Kang Dong Won using posts from an online community. The article talked about Kang Dong Won supposedly dating an actress of the same age. According to Osen, this was a rumor that kept on appeared as jjirashi (secretly circulated rumors), but disappeared after no evidence supported it. But the other media source even brought in third party – a middle-aged singer – to say that the person introduced the two actors.

To Osen, a source from the public relations department of Kang Dong Won’s managing agency, YG Entertainment, said: “It is completely untrue.”We checked with Kang Dong Won and he said he has never met that actress even once. He is apologetic to the actress because these dating rumors keep erupting. The middle-aged singer was also at a loss to how he could introduce people he didn’t even know in the rubbish dating rumor that has nothing to do with YG.”

The rep said, “Because Kang Dong Won has a sensitive personality, while he suffered because of this malicious rumors, he has endured it.” But this time, the agency will be taking strong legal action against the original distributor of the rumor.

The name that has been attached to Kang Dong Won in the false dating rumors recently was that of actress Jung Ryeo Won.

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Jung Ryeo Won’s managing agency, Keyeast Entertainment, also denies the rumor, saying it has checked with the actress herself, and she confirmed it was false.

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