17 K-Pop Songs That Will Get You Through A Crappy Week
1. GLAM – “I Like That”

GLAM may have disbanded, but at least they left us with a catchy song about doing all the things couples do all on your own, and enjoying every moment of it.

2. miss A – “I Don’t Need a Man”

miss A may not be the first to use the theme “Independent Woman” (they even had to get permission to use the phrase), but it’s great to have a K-pop song all about not needing a significant other.

3. G-Dragon – “Crayon”

If any group is good at creating anthems, it’s BIGBANG, and the group’s main lyricist and producer, G-Dragon, made airwaves with this catchy song. It’s not just about going “crazy,” but about doing you.

4. 2NE1 – “I’m The Best”

You knew this song was coming the second you saw the title, right? No self-empowerment song list is complete without YG Entertainment’s queens. We may not all have their fashion or money, but a little confidence can go a long way.

5. Block B – “Very Good”

Mask? Check. Dressed sharp? Check. Crazy? Check. If Block B can make a rocking video and song even with Zico sporting that hair, you can rock just about anything, too. However, we wouldn’t recommend licking any sequin covered skulls, unless you know where it’s been.

6. Amber – “Beautiful”

Let’s slow things down a little, because being happy with who you are isn’t just about rocking out. That’s exactly what Amber tries to share with everyone through her song “Beautiful.” Amber knows a lot about struggling to fit in and trying to find herself in the crazy, and she’s done a stellar job of being perfectly Amber.

7. Jeong Jin Woon – “Now or Never”

Jeong Jin Woon knows a little about finding yourself. So if you’re living in the now then you’ve definitely taken a page out of Jin Woon’s book. This pop-rock song is a reminder that your time is the present and to do everything you can to grab your dreams.

8. Yoon Mi Rae – “Black Happiness”

Take some advice from Yoon Mi Rae about being proud of who you are, whether it’s your heritage or your life choices. Yoon Mi Rae has proven over and over why she’s a powerhouse in Korean music and how what makes you different doesn’t have to hold you back.

9. LOCO – “Respect”

Meet an old friend of “Empowerment,” AOMG’s Loco, who wrote this catchy song telling his own story and why everyone deserves a little R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

10. BTS – “Dope”

This song isn’t just about getting fans jumping, but about achieving your dreams and making sacrifices along the way. Take a lesson from the group that would definitely go “Take a break? What’s a ‘break’?” They made their own anthem, and we’re happy to use it, too.

11. EVOL – “Get Up”

This catchy song by EVOL may be short, but it’s fun, sassy, and about ignoring all the haters and copy-cats.

12. Lee Hi – “Breathe”

Let’s take a moment to thank SHINee’s Jonghyun for penning this incredible track, Tablo for producing it, and Lee Hi for giving it a voice. Sometimes things can be a little disheartening, or make you feel lost in the crowd. Just breathe.

13. CODE KUNST – “Parachute”

Code Kunst, Oh Hyuk, and Dok2 came together to create a track about youth and all the emotions that come with it. These songs are sometimes the ones that become our anthem or the ones we listen to help us get through the day, or a really tough week.

14. NELL – “Green Nocturne”

“Time made me an adult, but I don’t think it made me stronger.” NELL has always had a way with words, and getting to the crux of every emotional wave that hits you.

15. WINNER – “Immature”

Embracing yourself isn’t just acknowledging your strengths, but accepting your faults. In WINNER’s case… that’s being immature. However, they’re proud of who they are and not afraid to have fun, even if it means splitting their pants on public television.

16. Yoo Seung Woo – “Because Night Is So Precious”

A list like this isn’t complete without a little something personal. Here is one of my favorite songs about how people deal with loneliness and pain differently, and about growing up. Really, it’s one of my favorite songs. The first time I saw it live, Yoo Seung Woo had to stop half way through and he cried at the back of the stage.

17. Taeyeon – “I”

Taeyeon’s 2015 award-winning song is one of those timeless songs that can apply to just about anyone.

What songs are on your list? Thanks for reading and let us know in the comments below!

heytoto currently teaches ELL in Seoul, South Korea, and when she isn’t waiting in line for something, can be found drinking a latte.

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