Agency CEO In Celebrity Prostitution Case Denies All Charges

The entertainment agency CEO, who was brought to court on charges of arranging celebrity prostitution, has denied all charges. The court plans to call the celebrities charged with prostitution to the courtroom as witnesses.

The attorney for entertainment agency CEO “Kang” (age 42) said in the second trial of the case that Kang,”introduced the two individuals to each other but didn’t know about any sexual relations.”

The CEO’s side claims that Kang, “did not suggest to celebrity ‘A’ [singer ‘C’] that ‘she can get extra money by having sexual relations,’ and did not receive any money for arranging prostitution,” as well as, “we understand that celebrity ‘A’ is denying charges as well.”

Director “Park” from Kang’s agency is also echoing similar claims, saying that they had introduced celebrities to wealthy individuals but did not have prostitution in mind.

These claims are completely opposed to the confessions of “Lim,” “Yoon,” and “Oh,” who were charged with taking part in the process of arranging prostitution.

Kang and Park were indicted on charges of arranging prostitution with four celebrities/aspirant celebrities and receiving money for it.

After hearing from celebrity “A” that she was going to the U.S., Kang is suspected of recommending to her that she can “receive a fair amount of money if you have sexual relations with a wealthy man in the United States” and receiving $10,000 for arranging prostitution last February.

It was also revealed that Kang and Park demanded celebrity “B” to “repay the money she borrowed in the past” and received $25,000 for arranging sexual relations in March of the same year.

Still later, after Kang was pressured to pay up for investments made while managing an entertainment agency, he told Lim that he would, “repay even if I have to [arrange] celebrity prostitution,” and asked to be introduced to some celebrities.

Lim then recommended celebrity “C” and aspirant celebrity “D” through his junior Yoon. Kang was revealed to have told “C” and “D” that they can “make a lot of money if you have sexual relations with a wealthy man in the U.S.” and is under suspicion of receiving $23,000 from the arrangement.

The head judge of the case plans to call two of the four celebrities being charged with prostitution to the third trial on May 20 to hear their testimonies.

Meanwhile, the celebrities/aspirant celebrities found to have engaged in prostitution with a wealthy individual have all been indicted with a fine of 2 million won (approximately $1,700). One of the individuals has denied charges and asked for an official trial, set to be held on June 1.

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