7 Drama Couples That Prove Second Couple Syndrome Is Real

I’m sure you’ve heard of the Second Lead Syndrome, but have you heard of the Second Couple Syndrome? I’m not sure it’s a real thing (yet), but based on these second lead couples that have me swooning, crying, and laughing, it has to be real.

Disclaimer: Before I begin, I know some of you are thinking, “How could you possibly say that SECOND leads are better than the MAIN ones?” No, I’m not saying that. What I’m trying to say is that some of these second couples deserve a lot more love because they’re such solid couples with solid storylines, almost as if they should have their own dramas! So without further ado…


I know, I know. Everyone talks about this drama, even after it’s over. But how could we not when it’s so good? While I enjoyed the Song-Song couple, I have to be honest: the other couples were giving me all the feels as well. To be honest, I cried because of the Jin Goo and Kim Ji Won couple before I cried because of the Song-Song couple…


…and the doctor-nurse relationship between Lee Seung Joon and Seo Jeong Yeon had me a lot more engaged than the solider-doctor or soldier-solider/doctor couples.


They were all just so wonderfully portrayed. And look how cute Jin Goo and Kim Ji Won are together on social media.



Anybody else a huge fan of the Bora-Sun Woo couple? Because that couple stole my heart before Duk Seon-Taek ever did. The chemistry between Ryu Hye Young and Ko Kyung Pyo was unbelievable, as the two actors were friends in real life before they starred in the popular series. This picture shows how long they’re been friends. How cute is this?



We can’t talk about second couples and the Reply series and not talk about the DoheeKim Sung Kyoon couple, as they are all the relationship goals. They’re one of those couples that don’t seem to work but in reality work so great that they last forever. They contradict yet complement each other so perfectly, creating the most lovable second couple.



The celebrity-fighter couple is always a cute idea, as lived out by real-life example Yano Shiho and Choo Sung Hoon. “Oh My Venus” does the most adorable side love story with Sung Hoon and Jung Hye Sung. They’re probably more like Third Couple, but nonetheless, this pairing stole my heart. I love that the girl pursues the guy so confidently and he eventually falls for her and opens his heart to her.


Lee Kwang Soo and Lee Sung Kyung killed it in this drama. Their storyline was just as well written as the primary couple’s, and they portrayed their complicated relationship so well that I truly believe this couple could have pulled off their own drama. If only!



Honestly, I watched this drama so long ago that I don’t even remember how the K-drama portrayed the relationship between Kim Bum and Kim So Eun. I do remember their chemistry was a big deal though, and the immense love for this couple was the first exposure I got to the Second Couple Syndrome. This is my homage to the classics.

As always, my lists are never complete and especially in this case, I focused on more recent examples that have made my heart flutter in the last few years. But, as always, please enlighten us with more second couples in the comments so we can all fall into the Second Couple Syndrome together!

hearteu has been writing for Soompi for roughly a year and a half now. This is her last article, since she will be transitioning into a new chapter of her life. She enjoyed getting to develop her writing skills through something she has grown up with and identifies with so innately–Korean culture. Thank you Soompiers for making my time here so pleasant, and I’ll see y’all around as a member of the community! And of course, my final current obessesions: Kim Bum (“Mrs. Cop 2” though), gummy worms, and AKMU’s “How People Move” (my summer jam). 

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