12 Actors Who Could Totally Pass As Idols

Ever see an actor and think to yourself that he could totally pass as an idol? Idols have an image to uphold. They sing, dance, rap, and have other hidden talents that we don’t know about. Also, they are obviously super good-looking and can even get away with wearing eyeliner! It definitely takes a special person to be an idol star, but these actors could have seriously fooled me. Here’s my list of 12 actors who could pass as idols (in no particular order).

1. Yoon Shi Yoon

yoon shi yoon

Being constantly talked about as being a “flower boy,” physically, Yoon Shi Yoon is the definition of an idol. He’s tall and has the perfect face and pretty smile. If that isn’t enough, he can also sing, play the guitar, and has recorded several songs on drama OSTs, including one for “Flower Boy Next Door.”

2. Yoo Seung Ho

Yoo Seung Ho

Yoo Seung Ho has got so much talent on top of his already impressive repertoire of movies and dramas. He’s not only a multi award-winning actor, but this cutie can play the piano and sing. He’s even recorded a duet with IU.

3. Yoo Ah In

yoo ah in

Known as being the “James Dean” of Korea, Yoo Ah In has the image of looking innocent, but being a bit of a rebel. And although he’s shy about it, he sings a lot at his fan meetings and he’s actually really good. He also cares a lot about fashion, which is also important for idols!

4. Yeo Jin Goo

yeo jin goo

With all the female fans that are going crazy over Yeo Jin Goo, it wouldn’t be hard for him to transition into being in a boy band. But, what makes this heart-throb an idol contender? His strikingly good looks, deep voice, and manly personality.

5. Lee Hyun Woo

lee hyun woo

Lee Hyun Woo obviously fits the physical aspect of being an idol. I could’ve sworn he was an idol when I first saw him on TV, but was surprised to find out that he was always an actor. He does have a great singing voice and has even recorded a few songs for the dramas that he has been in.

6. Seo Kang Joon

 Seo Kang Joon

With a face like this, there’s nothing Seo Kang Joon can’t do that girls won’t squeal over. His face, his lips, and gaze-worthy eyes make him the perfect potential idol. Although he’s not part of an idol group, he is part of an acting group called, 5urprise, where they are known to sing and dance as well! He can also play the piano — his charm never ends!

7. Kim Soo Hyun

Kim Soo Hyun

It’s obvious that Kim Soo Hyun’s face is perfect. We all know it, Asia knows it. So, what makes him idol-worthy? Kim Soo Hyun trained at JYP Entertainment for three months in order to prepare for his role in the drama, “Dream High.” He even recorded two songs for the drama and made several appearances on music shows.

 8. Park Bo Gum

park bo gum

Here’s an actor who could have very well been an idol. Park Bo Gum’s dream as a child was to become a singer-songwriter and he’s even released candid videos of himself singing and playing the piano. He can sing, dance, act, and looks pretty – doesn’t get much closer than this!

9. Nam Joo Hyuk

nam joo hyuk

Being signed in the same company as BIGBANG basically makes you an idol, right? Nam Joo Hyuk not only acts, but is a model, plays basketball, and can sing. His never-ending list of talents can fool anyone into thinking he’s an idol.

10. Lee Jong Suk

Lee Jong Suk

Having first caught a glimpse of Lee Jong Suk in “Secret Garden,” I thought he was a singer in real life. Little did I know that he had never really sung before and did it just for the drama. Lee Jong Suk also beat out many other idols who had auditioned for the role.

11. Song Joong Ki

song joong ki

Having not liked being called “pretty” in the past, he now relishes in it as he’s getting older. Not only does Song Joong Ki fit the look of an idol, he also sings and has even rapped at one point. He even sang a song on the OST for his drama, “The Innocent Man.” What can’t this man do?!

12. Ji Chang Wook

ji chang wook

Ji Chang Wook originally had dreams of becoming an actor in musical theatre, but became famous for his drama appearances. Unable to let go of his love for musical theatre, he still continued to act on stage even after he became famous. When you hear how well he can sing, you’ll wonder why he’s not actually an idol.

Is there another actor you think can pass as an idol? Let us know who in the comments below!

binahearts is a Soompi writer who loves to spend her free time immersed in all things Korean- dramas, movies, K-Pop, and beauty products! Her favourite actors are Won Bin, Lee Min Ho, and more recently, Song Joong Ki. She also loves watching most variety shows and has claimed to have watched every single episode of Running Man. Some of her favourite K-pop artists include a lot of old-school groups like, Sechskies, g.o.d, and Jinusean. As for more recent groups, she likes Dean, BIG BANG, Akdong Musician, and GOT7. When she isn’t watching the latest drama series, she can be seen indulging in her favourite hobbies which include singing her heart out at karaoke, photography, playing with her dog, and eating dessert!