Embarrassing TV Footage Of Dok2 Revealed On “Radio Star”

On July 13, MBC’s “Radio Star” featured Dok2, Kim Bo Sung, U-KISS’s Dongho, and Joo Woo Jae as guests for the show’s “Turn Up My Life” special. During this episode, rapper Dok2 revealed that he appeared on past variety program “Sponge” three times as an “experiment man” ten years ago.

Footage of a young Dok2 along with rapper MicroDot in a bathtub with towels wrapped around their heads was shown. Dok2 responds, “That’s funny. I like those kinds of things. Fans keep sending me videos like that saying it’s an embarrassing past, but I enjoy it.”

Dok2 MicroDot

Dok2 Sponge

MC Kim Gura asks, “Can I send them too?” Dok2 responds, “Please text them to me.”

In this episode, Dok2 also talks about how he wishes to spread hope to people. “I want to show that although I’ve lived a unique life, have lots of tattoos, and am short, someone like me can also be successful doing what I love.”

Watch a clip of the show below:

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