7 Adorable Idol Dramas Everyone Needs To See

As we all know, K-Pop idols keep themselves busy with numerous projects, including forays into drama. While the older generation of group (think BIGBANG and 2PM) might limit acting gigs to hilarious drama parodies, a new trend has begun to arise for the younger set in which the group stars in their own legitimate dramas – and we mean the entire group, not just a select member or two. We could not be happier about this trend. Here are some of our favorite idol group dramas!

GOT7 in “Dream Knight”

GOT7 2

The members of GOT7 play the roles of mythical protectors in “Dream Knight,” a sweet mini web drama that shouldn’t be taken too seriously. Filled with hilarious cameo appearances from JYP Entertainment artists, “Dream Knight” tells the story of Joo In Hyung (Song Ha Yoon) while she attends school. She was orphaned at a young age and lives in a trailer by herself as she goes through school; when Jackson, Mark, JB, and Youngjae suddenly appear and begin protecting her. Obviously everything begins to get overly complicated as soon as they appear, but who would complain about such attractive “knights”?

Just look at these handsome boys in their school uniforms, and messed-up hair!

GOT7 gif

Of course the GOT7 members stay true to themselves by poking fun at each other, just like they do in reality.

GOT7 gif 2

We see you throwing shade at Yugyeom there, Youngjae!

A-JAX in “Vampire Flower”


Four members of the K-pop group A-JAX impress with their performances in “Vampire Flower,” another intriguing mini web drama. However, instead of playful knights appearing to help her, Seo Young (Kim Ga Eun) suddenly finds herself surrounded by vampires as she tries to attend school. They are in search of a mysterious flower; they believe that she can help them find it. Luckily, she gains guardians of her own when the four attractive young vampires realize that someone else is after what they seek!

5urprise in “After School: Lucky or Not”

5urprise 2

5urprise is often referred to as an actor group, as it’s made up of actors Seo Kang Joon, Yoo Il, Gong Myung (the older brother of NCT’s Doyoung), Kang Tae Oh, and Lee Tae Hwan. These five members proved their acting chops in this outrageously absurd miniseries. It seems like school themes are nearly impossible to escape in these idol dramas, as we once again follow a girl who encounters a strange group of boys while she is in school. This time we are following Kim So Eun (Kim So Eun), who is suddenly recruited into a “drawing” club. The club is made up of 5urprise and it has nothing to do with art, as the the members instead draw a “mission” they have to complete out of of box. These “missions” end up being ridiculously unbelievable and even seem to get worse as this idiotically entertaining series unfolds!

We even get to see Seo Kang Joon dressed up as a girl – need I say more?

5urprise gif

Yes, we had the same expression as he did!

EXO in “EXO Next Door


What would you do if your favorite idols moved next door?

That is exactly what Ji Yeon Hee (Moon Ga Young) has to decide when some of the members of EXO move in right next door! Unfortunately, she is incredibly awkward and clumsy, so she manages to embarrass herself in front of the superstars on multiple occasions. Everything gets even worse for Yeon Hee when she is hired to clean their house, and Chanyeol seems to be trying to get her to remember something.

Will she be able to survive her embarrassment long enough to learn what she has forgotten about?

Watch this drama to find out!

EXO gif

Even Kai is cheering for us in this fun series!

 KARA in “Secret Love


Secret Love” is the only idol drama on this list that has full-length episodes! A sweet drama that’s all about love, we get to watch the different romances of members of KARA. Despite KARA’s tumultuous and uncertain future, this drama is still very enjoyable and features big names like Lee Kwang Soo and Ji Chang Wook!

We love how Goo Hara lays down the law of relationships:

KARA gif

International fans have been revived and refreshed from her wisdom!

NEOZ SCHOOL in “Click Your Heart


A drama where we can finally pick who we want the girl to end up with? YES, please!

“Click Your Heart” is special because it has four different endings and the viewers get to decide who they want AOA’s Min Ah to end up with! This might seem overwhelming, but you only have to watch the episodes that follow the member of NEOZ SCHOOL that you want her to end up with. However, these good-looking boys had us watching all of the different endings for this mini-drama before we knew it!

NEOZ SCHOOL certainly has many attractive members, and they definitely make our hearts flutter in this cute series.


Is it just me, or is that size difference absolutely adorable? There is really nothing to say about Baek Ju Ho’s picture; it was just too beautiful to resist!

 ASTRO in “To Be Continued”

Astro 2

ASTRO has a cute image as an idol group, and their mini web-drama “To Be Continued” plays into it with its bright feel. The members all play themselves as they are sucked back in time the night before their debut! While some of them have no memory of being pulled back into high school, others have realized what has happened and are trying to make sure everything follows the path it did before. When some of them suddenly start forgetting that they are from the future, everything gets even harder to predict in this amusing series.

“To Be Continued” is super cute and has a charming blooper reel at the end of each mini-episode!

Astro gif

No, seriously! How are they all so innocent-looking and overly attractive at the same time?

Which of these idol dramas have you seen? Let us know in the comments!

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